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Saturday, July 22, 2017


The Voice of an Angel...Andrea Bocelli...
  my go-to place for heart connection!

Italian tenor and singer/songwriter Andrea Bocelli is a very important part of my morning ritual.  I am not by nature a morning dove...rather a night blooming jasmine.  But when this jasmine awakens to (very slowly) acclimate to the morning, Bocelli's music is what begins the process of my energizing.

I've been listening to and loving Bocelli for quite some time.  His voice connects with my soul and though I studied a little Italian in preparation for a beautiful encounter with Firenze several years ago, the fact is I do not understand what this impressive tenor is singing.

And it makes no difference to me because it is ONLY the words I do not understand. 

The FEELINGS expressed by his beautiful voice ARE  the MESSAGE and they SPEAK to me.  And they do MORE than that...they vibrate with the sweep of my heart.

And I am mesmerized by this vibration...it SUSTAINS me.   This impulse tells me it is my HEART that is designed to direct the music of my life...not my intellect (though I dearly love to exercise it).   
I believe this is true of everyone.

In some individuals the heart may be sleeping...hibernating...because of unhealed pain, protecting itself from life's countless and often unpredictable adventures.  But the desire to FEEL is a human need we all share.

And the OPPORTUNITY to feel and to have the feeling RECOGNIZED is a Gift of Life.

The Divine Universe is unendingly creative in the way it sends its messages to us. Just this morning I realized I had received another tapping of this awareness a few days ago when I attended a planning meeting in Florida with David Webber, Chief Operating Officer of Practice Technology, Inc., who commented to me that he always reads his email for the FEELING of the writer, not for the words. 

It is not the words of Andrea Bocelli that affect me so profoundly.  It is the WAY he sings those lyrics.  And it is not the words of an email that David Webber "hears"...it is the message of a heart.

Is your heart vibrating with emotion?  Have you given yourself permission to feel this primal longing?  And do you "hear" the HeartSounds of everyone around you?

                                                                                                  Marie Helena 

image of Andrea Bocellil from sonbab.deviantart.com 
Andrea Bocelli by sonbab

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Night Blooming Jasmine in Your Heart
by Marie Helena
Dawn Light Press

reviewed by Rebecca L. Morgan

"We live on a verdant, lush planet of infinite possibility. We are surrounded by fascinating individuals, each with his or her own preferences, experiences, values, feelings. Everyone has a story to tell."

Through a concise collection of elegant, narrative prose, this mystic-themed guide beckons the reader to amend his or her way of approaching daily challenges by making a psychological shift in thinking. Revolving around the representation of the jasmine plant, whose blossoms open in darkness, each chapter serves as a kaleidoscope of poignant, inspirational messages. The opening passage introduces the premise of discovering the beauty within oneself when one chooses to recognize and appreciate the existence of beauty in all things. This initial chapter sets the pace of the book, which persuades the reader to examine each word with precision in order to engage in an emotional exploration of self.

Transformation of thought is a key concept presented in each message. The author examines one's unlimited power to alter our reality by changing the way a story is perceived. She reveals her success with this process in her own personal quest for peace. By creating a new, fictionalized story to associate with a disturbing occurrence, she is able to transition from a state of unrest to one of tranquility. This uncommon approach to adapting to our environment and experiences offers an enchanting theory for overcoming grief and suffering. Like the jasmine, we have the opportunity to awaken and reveal our best selves in moments of darkness if we are willing to embrace all aspects of life's journey.

The author is skilled in the practice of Kotodama, the Japanese belief that words contain mystical powers. Through carefully selected text, the skillfully crafted passages deliver gentle reminders of patience and gratitude. Precisely selected words form the messages of compassion, mindfulness, and personal development presented throughout the book. Each chapter is accompanied by a charming watercolor botanical print, reinforcing the connection between self and nature. The balance of art and spiritual guidance elevate the desire to identify emotional barriers in order to evolve. Each segment is designed to serve as a stepping stone of acceptance toward a greater presence of being.

Nature is a prominent subject throughout the book. Having studied spirituality for over twenty years, the author effortlessly shares her knowledge through small stories of information often influenced by flowers and the divine energy that exists in our surroundings. These narratives highlight the benefits of harnessing positive energy as we examine our untapped emotions and perception of the world. Psychology is also a theme addressed in several chapters as the author reveals the importance of empathy when confronted by negative behavior from others and how to gracefully react in these situations. 

This is a spiritual guide for those seeking personal growth and awareness. By offering soothing words of encouragement, the author invites us to embrace our unique gifts and discover the abundance of blessings we receive when we contribute our talents for the good of humanity. The passages persuade the reader to envision each day as a celebration. The essential lesson emphasized throughout this book is that the answers we seek lie in our ability to listen to the silence. This is a brief read that is easy to devour, however the reader is inclined to savor the words and regularly revisit the delicate construction of lines masterly weaved by the author. 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

What's the Name on Your Marquee?

Can you see yourself in a luminous spotlight...an emanation that moves when you move...goes where you go...beautifully illuminating your corner of the world?    

This SPOTLIGHT is a physical expression of your BOUNDARY...the place which you occupy and where no one else belongs.
From this vantage point you can view all the many other spotlights around you, each shining on other persons.  You can be an OBSERVER as each individual lives his life...writes his own story.  And, most importantly, you can clearly see the difference between their spotlights and yours.

And here is the most important part...

When someone standing near you makes a move (no matter what the emotional content...no matter whether it is an affirming gesture or an annoying one), it is clearly a part of their spotlight, NOT YOURS.  It may feel like it is coming at you, but it is NOT YOUR STUFF.

It is an indication of where that person is and that's all it is.  

It may feel like an arrow shot into your heart but that will only be because you have crossed from your boundary over into theirs and have tapped into something you do not own.

Somehow...for some reason...you have decided that you are NOT the determiner of your life and that you NEED CO-PILOTS to tell you how to feel.
You are letting these co-pilots decide whether you will be happy or sad.  You are, in fact, borrowing their baggage and making it yoursNow your happiness is out of your control.  it depends on what someone else thinks or says...does or doesn't do.

And it doesn't need to be this way.   

We are truly the most wonderful pilots all on our own.  

We do not need to have someone give us our happiness.  We do not have to wait for someone to deal us that card. 

And, conversely, we do not have to attach ourselves to their problems.  

When someone is out of sorts and speaks to us in a disturbing manner, we only need realize that it is something they are going through and a part of their story.                

It's NOT our holdings.  

It's NOT a part of our spotlight.  

Somehow we have blurred the boundaries and can no longer see what is ours and what is theirs.

Other persons' spotlights do not belong to us.

When we recognize this, we can clearly see that our happiness or lack of it does not depend on what they say or do.


The decision to be happy or sad is ours and ours alone and once we see how the spotlights are designed and delineated, we realize that WE are the determiners of the content, the dreams and the joys of our own life.

Writer, director, producer and actor...we inhabit all of these roles.  If we let someone else take over, we have misplaced our power and we suffer for it.

What's the name on your marquee?

                                                                                   Marie Helena

image from llmcountryclub.com 


Friday, July 7, 2017

Hold the Crying Baby


Hold the crying baby.

This is a story of LOVE.

We all know what to do when a baby cries.

We check to see if the baby is hungry...whether it is uncomfortable or if something is distressing it.

If we do not find a problem, we scoop the baby up into our arms and hold the crying baby, offering it the warmth, peacefulness and security of our embrace.

Holding the crying baby is a gift of pure and unconditional love that we do by instinct and we freely extend this gift to others in need.

But it is also important to extend this gift
TO OURSELVES when we are.experiencing an unanticipated and distressing reaction to something that has occurred.


Our earth journey is fraught with many challenges, many mountains to climb and many unprecedented heights to scale.

When we experience a dramatic and emotional reaction to something that has happened, we may not even be sure whether it is coming from a person or event.  

While we are lost in the emotions washing over us and we are trying to identify the source of our distress, it is important for us to remember that the reaction is coming from our unhealed pain. 

And because we are in pain this is when we need to hold our crying baby, giving it unconditional love and acceptance… making it feel soothed and supported and cared for.

It is so important that we give attention to the needs which are making themselves known to us with such dissonance and uneven energy.

If, instead, we berate or judge ourselves…we create an overlay on the situation and obstruct the process of gaining a soul perspective about what is really occurring.

What is needed is to hold the crying baby. 

When we receive the comfort and compassion we so desperately need we center ourselves and are better able to discern what is truly happening and what we can do to restore peace to our hearts.

Hold the crying baby.  See what
can do.

                                                                               Marie Helena

image from Baby Clipart.net

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Beneath the Rocky Surface

  Sometimes the Universe delivers its messages to us through very surprising messengers.  Ones we may not recognize nor appreciate.  And that is the reason why we should pay special attention to what is happening to us even when it's not comfortable...like when someone confronts us or calls us out about something we said or did.  Our first reaction may be "Ouch!" but a beautiful light may lie beneath that rocky surface, a light that will empower us to stretch and grow.

Here's the reason there could be a hidden gift in this picture and it may surprise you:
It's because what you hear may help make you FREE.  I heard this sentiment expressed a couple of weeks ago and did a double take on it until I really thought about it and heard the reasoning behind it.

We are not always able to see ourselves objectively and certainly not when our emotions have become embroiled.  Therefore, we may be missing important information about what is going on inside us.  A bystander, friend (or even foe) or Significant Other, however, may be able to see something we just might want or need to pay attention to...something that is keeping us tethered to unconscious behavior and something that is not in our best interest, self-satisfying though it may be.   And, if we tune in and really hear that "something" pointed out, we can at least be aware of it and entertain the possibility that it has some truth in it...a truth that may be really difficult for us to hear or face for some unknown reason. 

And, in fact, the individual who makes the unwelcome comment may be a heavenly messenger who actually helps us reach the next,grandest version of ourselves, although in a most unanticipated manner.  The Divine Universe may be deeming us ready to step up and deal and, if we have the courage to step out of our default reaction and into the possibility of a new view of ourselves, we may receive the grace and guidance to make a stunning transformation.

Of course, we will have to discard what might be some "colorful" wrappings on the message (heated emotion, edgy tone, flushed face) and find the gem that could be hiding behind the masquerade.  And here's another relevant point, if WE feel a reaction to someone else's reaction, then you can bet there is something big we're carrying inside that has just hit the light of day.

 Opportunity is knocking.  Is anyone there?

The question is:   Will we find the soul message that could be buried beneath the discomfort, an edgy encounter that may be necessary because we have missed earlier clues sent our way?

Divine Messengers come in many disguises offering us the opportunity to tap into our courage and wisdom to check and see if a message is waiting to get our attention.  

Who is REALLY sitting beside you?

                                                                                   Marie Helena

Friday, June 30, 2017

The Mystery of Your Next "Opening Night"

It is always a great adventure to attend the opening of a new show on Broadway.  By the time we arrive for the evening's performance we have undoubtedly already heard a great deal of advance publicity about the event to take place.  We know the story of the play and may even know the basic plot lines.  We certainly know who is starring in the play. And so, looking forward to this particular experience, we enter the theater and take our seats with great excitement and expectation regarding what we are about to behold.

And it's delightful and fun...relaxing and entertaining...to experience the show.  It's exactly what we were looking for.  (How cool is that!)  All we have to do is buy a ticket and find our way to the special seat reserved for us.

Simple, easy, delightful and, most importantly, PREDICTABLE...and, therefore, a ride-the-high experience of fun and relaxation.  One we occasionally get to enjoy. 

But our attendance at earth school also includes additional experiences which are more COMPLEX adventures...productions where we have no idea what is about to unfold (even though we think we do), productions where we do not know the plot or the story and where we may not even know WHO will be co-starring with us in the production.

These complex adventures are called daily life and they are billowing with unexpected turns and twists, surprises, difficulties and, often, challenges that test our mettle and require that we are centered, grounded and creative in our processing of them and in the integration into our lives of the lessons they carry.

The secret to navigating these kinds of adventures is to hold NO EXPECTATION about how they will unfold other than the certainty that the Divine Universe senses our strength and readiness to move forward and learn yet another of life’s challenging lessons when the moment is right.

And here is exactly where daily life orchestrated by the Divine Universe is more fascinating, more complex, more creative than the best Broadway show for our "lessons" must be discerned through the literal occurrences that are happening to and around us.  Tucked into those daily interactions are metaphors, the seeds and promptings of the next lesson awaiting us in our personal evolution.  But we must search for their meaning.  We must recognize and explore the metaphor...follow it to its symbolic conclusion.  And, if we are diligent and committed, we will clearly be able to see the guidance we are being given.

But this moment of discovery only happens when we are READY.  When we want to step up to the Next, Grandest Version of Ourselves.  And when we trust that the Divine Universe is always there for us.  Loving us… Affirming us… Leading us into a deeper realization of our Divine Nature.

Our greatest adventures occur in our daily life when we enter them with no expectation of what will transpire.  (And, fortunately, then, we experience no disappointment or dismay that our "expectations" did not occur.)  Instead, we choose to approach them with a completely open heart...willingly watchful for new life lessons...asking ourselves, "What are you here to teach me?"  We observe the process of life unfolding  FOR us and, in that unfolding, we discover the lessons we require to move forward in our desire for spiritual fulfillment.

Adventure, excitement, mayhem, mystery...all leading us ultimately to our soul mastery!  Watch for the clues.  Stay tuned for your next "Opening Night"!   

                                                                                             Marie Helena

image from info@pdxfilmfest.com


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Blow Open the Door

Navigating earth life can be a very challenging proposition. 

There's lots to be aware of physically, mentally, emotionally...and...keep in balance if we are to sustain our health and well-being.

Now imagine that on some level we choose to add another layer of concern and  "self-appointed" responsibility to our list of things to manage...


and THE PAIN OF SUFFERING when they don't land in that "satisfying-to-us" space.  

I am speaking of co-dependency...an emotional state which seems indigenous to earth dwellers because it is so widely experienced by us.

CODEPENDENCY layers our life with emotional and corresponding physical fatigue because the work of  keeping everyone happy is NOT OUR JOB but we have somehow missed that message and are trying to  squeeze 96 hours of effort (a conservative estimate) into 24!

No  wonder we are so exhausted and beside ourselves. 

No wonder we can be so easily  agitated and stressed.  

We are fettered...we have chained OUR happiness to the impossible-to-control happiness of others and when they are not OK, we are not OK, either.

It all comes down to needing someone else to give us their stamp of approval.  

We want everyone to "get" us...

to understand us...

to see it our way.  

But we don't NEED them to do this (even though it feels like it) because WE can make that assessment for OURSELVES.  

We don't need a team of consultants, a task force, a VIP to endorse the way we are because WE are the VIP and we have somehow failed to recognize this.

Did we miss our job description?  Did we miss the fine print?  

Not to worry...because that's what earth life is all about...

And, when we do remember, it is GLO RI OUS...
it is FREE ING...it is let-out-of-jail BEA U TI FUL!

We have a masterful assignment in just taking care of us and the fact is everybody has that assignment...so let's not mess with the plan.

We can all co-exist taking care of ourselves...speaking OUR truth... and also listening to OTHERS' truth.  

And it is OK if we don't see things the same way...it is actually interesting and exciting as long as we know that we have the right and responsibility and the innate know-how to make our own decisions AND change them whenever we've learned a new way to do things and want to give it a try. 

We do not need other people's endorsements and they don't need ours.

Let's Blow Open the Door we've been stuck behind  and let a fresh, authentic vibration power its way into our lives...

the awareness and  satisfaction of knowing WE are in charge of our happiness and our own decisions.

                                                                          Marie Helena

image from realsolutions4life.com.