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Saturday, February 18, 2017

In the Mist

Life is so full of meaning and purpose, so full of beauty - beneath its covering - that you will find earth but cloaks your heaven.

Fra Giovanni Giocondo*
to his friend, Countess Allagia Aldobrandeschi
Christmas Eve, 1513

Our sojourn on earth is a Masterpiece of Masquerade!  What looks and feels like art and artistry and, sometimes, dissonance and distress is a masterful disguise and, as Fra Giovanni Giocondo writes, beneath the canopy, the layers of confusion, lies a rich tapestry of messages for the soul.  

The words and actions of others and how they relate to us signal a manifestation of the life choices we are living.  If we find ourselves surrounded by persons of love and warmth and generosity, they are mirroring us to ourselves.  And, if there is something we are doing that does not serve the needs of our soul, we will soon feel it in the actions and behavior of others around us.

We are so POWERFUL that we can create a reflection of ourselves in the persons who populate our lives and, then, by Divine agreement, forget the role they are playing.  That is what makes this experience so provocative, so mysterious, so exciting. There are so many layers to it and we must override the human impulse to take things at face value and look instead at how our energy has redirected and transformed itself.

Life is an exquisite arabesque awaiting our awareness and recognition, ready to gift us with wisdom and insight regarding our decisions and actions when we are ready to receive them.  If, instead, of embracing the cleverly disguised clues of self-reflection,  we choose to live lives of judgment and reaction, we are giving away our power to grow and evolve into the next, greatest version of ourselves.

Unlocking the mystery of remembering Who We Really Are and divesting ourselves of our earth-influenced concerns and trepidations is the glorious experiment we have all undertaken.  Let us all, then, be aware of the many celestial clues guiding us on this wondrous journey!


                                                                                 Marie Helena

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*Born in Verona, Giocondo became a priest, a scholar, an architect and a teacher. In 1496, Giocondo was invited to France by the King and made a royal architect.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Codependency, the White Horse Syndrome and True Love

  Let's face it.  Most of us have some degree of codependency (we are mega-affected by the feelings of people around us, and, especially, by their feelings toward us).  

If we bring up an idea or express an emotion that does not sit well with someone and that person seems unsettled or disapproving, we are NOT OK.  Our state of well-being DEPENDS on what someone else thinks about us and our actions.  This state of affairs can produce in us a feeling of disappointment, of sadness and, most importantly, of powerlessness.  

And the fact is we have unknowingly GIVEN our power away. 

We do this by placing every person in our lives on a white horse...in our imagination
, that is (and we all know how powerful our imaginations can be).  Everyone knows what people on white horses do...they are the heroes who say and do all the "right" things.  They are busy prancing around on their masterful white steeds bringing happiness and peace to everyone around them.

That's in our version of a "perfect world".
  But what happens if the figure on the white horse does or says something that is not what we would like to hear...what we think will make us feel better about ourselves?


Disappointment.  That's what happens.   All because we EXPECTED white horse behavior.


We expected it because that's what white horse riders do...BUT we have given this assignment to others WITHOUT their knowledge or consent.  And we have assigned this task to others because we have been wounded and want and need to heal our pain.  We have experienced some dysfunction in our lives such as failing to learn to trust ourselves for the answers we seek.  We have missed the all important message that WE have the capacity to heal ourselves, that WE possess that power.  And because we have not developed that belief in ourselves, we look OUTSIDE of ourselves and expect others to heal our hurts. 

We are making a misdiagnosis here and it is something we agreed to do long ago on a soul level so that we can travel the path of discovery and find our way back to the source of our authentic power.  We may not yet believe this fact but that doesn't mean it isn't so.


The answer to the conundrum of the white horse syndrome lies in true love In the state of true love, we accept others unconditionally.  Attaining this, of course, involves a good deal of experience and learning but when we are ready and able to aspire and eventually exist in this state, we no longer expect everyone around us to take care of us by soothing us with gentle, approving, affirming statements.  We see clearly that we are all foot soldiers, embarked on our own adventures and we love all others unconditionally, regardless of their behavior toward us. 


And, when we give this same beautiful, unconditional caring also to ourselves, WE no longer expect to be perfectly happy, satisfied and affirmed at all times.  We accept OUR humanity, including our missteps and misperceptions and the consequences of these actions.  As fellow foot soldiers, alongside our compatriots, we know that we, too, journey through the adventure of discovering where our true power lies...in our own self-approval.  When we have done something we approve of, we do not need anyone else to affirm us.  Deep within our hearts, WE affirm ourselves.  And when we look back at something we have done that has not worked well for us, we OWN that "adventure" and learn from it as a part of everyman's (and, in this case, our) journey.


Let us all consider adjusting our range of view from holding an expectation about our white horse saviors and, instead, moving our loving gaze to ourselves and our fellow journeymen on foot who are all in the business of recognizing and enjoying their authentic power and, therefore, their ascendancy to their true Spirit selves.


                                             Marie Helena

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Setting the Angel Free

When you express what you really are in life, only beauty can come out of you, only joy and respect and happiness.
                               don Miguel Ruiz

We have all experienced very special moments in our lives when the things we say and do are beautiful, inspired, affirming and encouraging to others.  Everything flows unerringly from our intuition… our sense of knowing...about what is important in life.  These are sacred shimmerings of grace when we affect others in a profound way with our love, caring and compassion.

THIS is Who We Truly Are.

But there are also moments when we say and do things that are not filled with love and generosity, when our pride or ego or fear orchestrates our thoughts, words and actions and negative emotions spill out of us like emotionally orphaned children who have not been loved and shown how wonderful they are.

And, like those orphaned children, in this space we do not reside fully in the safe and powerful place of knowing our true worth.  And so we are left with a broken image which we try to repair at times by pointing out to others what is wrong with them. thereby attempting to prove to ourselves that we are right.

We feel lost in the illusion that we are not OK.

But this behavior of ours which naturally produces discomfort and unrest is ONLY indicative of the trappings of earth school. 
This is not who we are.  It proceeds from the role of limitation which we willingly embraced in  this dimension in order to learn how to transcend it, expanding the spiritual evolution of ourselves and all earth dwellers.

We have the ability to go forth, learn to witness and reflect upon our choices and actions and change what does not bring us peace and soul satisfaction. 

We can learn to listen to our hearts for guidance and direction regarding our choice of how to live. 

We can turn away from our egoic efforts to prevail, our attempts to prove our worthiness and recognize, instead, that we are all journeying together, learning to find what makes us truly happy. 

And it is in that transcension, that stunning return to our spiritual heritage...when all of our actions are sourced in LOVE...that only beauty and joy and respect and happiness flow through us.

This is the glory of Who We Truly Are, the touchstone of the transcendent return to our spiritual field of dreams.

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free –

                                                                                Marie Helena

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Island Metaphor

Imagine you have been selected to appear on the newest reality show which will be taking place on an amazing island where everything you might possibly need has already been provided.  No matter what you decide to do...design something, construct something, invent something…ALL resources are available.  But, and here is the sticking point, they are hidden within the topography of the island.  They are most certainly there, but they are not easy to see.  And they emerge into your view only when you are truly ready for them and not a moment before.

The challenge then becomes how does one get ready to receive these resources?  And this cannot be done through manipulation, force or trickery. Only authentic responses ensure their accessibility.

Welcome to the reality show of your life!  And it is simultaneously amazing and magical while confusing and challenging, too.

And this is because we perceive that we live in linear time but, in fact, there is only the NOW.  The past and the future are only an illusion but we are so convinced of them that we can only recognize things within the context of logical progression.  And so we fail to see that the opportunities… the resources… are ALWAYS available but, because of our programming, they are hidden in plain sight.

Wondrously, it appears the Divine Universe is designed to accompany us on our journey and offer us support precisely at the moment we are ready to receive it.

        Isn't it amazing how so many of the things we need arrive
              at just the opportune moment.
       Almost like magic or a miracle. 
       But it can't be a miracle if it is already there. 
       It just must be something in us has let us see what we need.

                                               Paradigm Shift

In the reality show of our life we move through a series of challenges designed by our soul to learn lessons and help us develop character traits. If we authentically embrace whatever is being presented to us and offer no resistance, we are "ready" and the Universe  makes accessible to us whatever ideas or resources are necessary to navigate our path.

What so often appears to be a coincidence or good fortune that has just occurred, in reality, has been residing in the eternal NOW, awaiting our awareness and receptivity.

If, indeed, everything we ever need to grow and evolve is available to us whenever we are ready to "see" it, could we possibly live in a more loving and compassionate Universe?  Cerebral, provocative, emotionally rich and intelligent.  Profound in conception.   Home.

                                                                                              Marie Helena

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Caribbean islands and island life

Friday, February 3, 2017

My Sibs

I have this brother.  My little brother. Over six feet tall.  Smart as a whip.  During our growing up years, he tried to convert the family to Adelle Davis' nutritional philosophy before it was even in vogue. 

He was definitely born in the wrong century.  Likes building furniture with his own hands.

And, oh, how he loves water.  He always manages to land someplace where there is plenty of it… Michigan, Florida, Oregon, California.  He was an underwater diver and built his own underwater housing for his camera.  As a young teenager.

My brother has my dad's personality.  A little reserved but when he has something to say, it's definitely worth listening to.  Often very dry.  Very funny.

Then there's my sister.  Now there's an angel for you.  Once we had a dressmaker design a pair of wings for her. She still has them...in a closet or under her bed, I think. 

She is always finding ways to surprise and delight us.  And herself, too.  She travels the world...been to Italy, Greece, Ireland, Egypt, the Gal├ípagos Islands, the Mayan Ruins.  I have actually lost track of her adventures but I am pretty sure she's planning to go to Iceland this October and she's just returned from visiting Hogwart's Castle at the Harry Potter Theme Park.  Her life mantra is "Who's in Charge?" inspiring the rest of the troops to seize the day!

That wry brother of ours likes to make irreverent comments to my sister and me from time to time.  Here's one of my favorites…

"You two have no taste...you like everyone."

The really funny thing about this comment is that he turned around and married someone just like us.  I mean...how cool is that!

Though the three of us live across the continent from each other, the miles do not separate us.  When one of us needs something, we are All In.  We share our everyday adventures and challenges and pass on whatever worldly wisdom we have managed to acquire.

My mom and dad must have done something very right for us to feel...and stay...so connected.
Thank you, my darling  bro and sis.  I've got your back, too.

                                                                                           Marie Helena

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otters holding hands

Sunday, January 29, 2017


Our lives are filled with MESSAGES waiting to be delivered to us.

And the messengers who deliver these messages are everywhere.  

They include everyone we encounter... from our family to our colleagues, sales clerks, repairmen, television personalities, the little boy playing across the street...even the bad-tempered clerk who waited on us in the store or the driver who cut us off in traffic.

They exist in our world to present to us the life view we hold about ourselves and they may be engaging and endearing or frustrating and fractious.

If you can summon up some perspective about this and add in a dash of creativity and humor,  I have a suggestion regarding how to enhance and enjoy this experience.

Give them all WINGS...in your imagination!  Make them all ANGELS! 

They are all actually doing the work of angels...helping us see the picture of the world we  have created  for ourselves and master the earthwork we have undertaken.

And since this is how the earth school system works we might as well put a big, broad smile on our face while we learn our lessons.

Consider the visual delight of walking into a GATHERING of family or friends and imagining all of them with their own unique set of wings fluttering in a beat to match their personality.

The gregarious individual would have wide, flapping appendages whisking the air to and fro with the vibration of his excitement.

The person who loves to sing or hum would be sporting smooth pinions undulating with a distinctive rhythm.

The joker in the group would probably have one of his wings tucked into a piece of clothing so he would attract the second takes he loves so much.

All of these individuals could be illustrating for us the joy and excitement and fun we are experiencing in our lives.

In our next encounter, however,  we might find a road rage driver with stress written all over his face.  He, too, would be sporting wings but his accessories might be audacious wings that would move thunderously in a loud, clapping sound.

Now it may be easy to picture the so-called "nice guys" in the angelic costume but it may seem strange to picture our road rage driver wearing wings and you might wonder how this frustrating individual can fill this
angelic role. 

Fact is...he may be resonating with  something inside us, something unsettled...a stress we have not  acknowledged, perhaps, or let ourselves experience.  And  he is showing up in our life to bring this omission to our attention.

And here is how he might be  an angel to us...Emotions that are not acknowledged go underground (translate...deep inside us) and often make their next appearance dressed as a major upset,  illness or disease.

So it would behoove us to welcome ALL of the angels in our life and give thanks for the messages they bring us regardless of  the varying roles they play.

After all, the Divine Universe only assigns them the reflections of our own mojo so we can "hear" the sounds and "see" the pictures we are making with the way we choose to live our life and also learn the lessons we have chosen for our experience here.

So, I say, WING ON!

Recognize these Divine creatures  with their dazzling
 (if imaginary) WINGS who are educating and enlightening us and enjoy their sometimes affirming, sometimes challenging messages while we earn our own bright and beautiful wings in earth school!


                                                                                                   Marie Helena

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Friday, January 20, 2017

The Hopi Drain Out, Universal Life Force and Clapping

I have read and reflected on the beauty of Spirituality over the course of several years. 

One day I noticed that I was developing a new awareness and it pleased me on a very deep level.  I began to see a small, energetic field around people which has been described as etheric energy.

The field is clear and transparent and outlines the body. 

The energy that I see usually only extends a couple of  inches or less from the body but sometimes I see a much larger etheric energy field around a person...for example, when I observe someone singing a spiritual song with great fervor.  And, occasionally, while walking, I will catch a glimpse of someone with a much larger energy field outlining his body.  (When this occurs, I never fail to wonder what beautiful Love must be at work in this person's life.)

After awhile I began to see etheric energy around trees (which I loved) and, later, even around  objects like mailbox posts (which delighted me even more).
I get quite a kick out of having this view of luminescence.  It feels like I am walking around in my own private  STAR TREK episode.

This on-going experience is a big part of my interest and delight in energetic exercises.
  Here are three exercises I have learned about and want to share with you.

The  FIRST EXERCISE I learned about from my sister who told me about an ancient energy practice called The Hopi Drain Out which is used to move negative energy OUT of the body.  (I believe the Hopi are a tribe of ancient Indians.)  The concept sounded wonderful to me and I was very anxious to try it.

Here is how THE HOPI DRAIN OUT works.

Sit comfortably in a chair and place one hand on wherever in your body you are experiencing pain.  Point your other arm and hand to the floor; keep the palm open as you are now going to invite negative energy to leave your body.  

You do this by visualizing the negative energy moving out your open palm to the floor in the form of sludge. 

(I have found this to be an excellent visual  because when I practice this, it is very easy to sense the sludge folding over itself while it accumulates on the floor.  At times I can fill great areas of the room with the sludge in my imagination and it feels relieving to sense it moving out of my body.)

When you feel as if you have emptied this negative energy from your body, take the hand that was pointed to the floor and place it now on that same area of pain.  Then take the other arm and point your arm and fingers  straight up to the heavens, inviting Universal Life Force to fill the space that has been emptied in your body.

I have used this practice on many occasions with great success.

SECONDLY...also from my sister...is a BREATHING EXERCISE using Universal Life Force.  This is a very simple one.

Ask the Divine Universe for Universal Life Force to enter each of your cells on a long and easy inhale of breath, imagining a blazing white Light of protection and an enveloping green Light of health moving  all through your body. 

Then, on a slow and complete exhale, send all the aches, pains, blockages and negativity out to the ends of the universe with infinite love and gratitude for this Divine Gift.

My sister uses this breathing exercise often during the day and it works beautifully to relieve any pain for her.


And, THIRD, from my chiropractor... here's a very succinct and direct action you can take when you feel lost in negative energy and decide to make a conscious choice to release it and fill yourself instead with Universal Life Force.  

Simply CLAP your hands as you verbally express the choice, thereby notifying the Divine Universe that you are ready to release  the distress and rejuvenate your mind, body and emotions.  

I particularly love this move...it feels so empowering!

It is my belief that everything physical that exists is expressing a spiritual reality and the real answer...and ONLY true answer...to a physical problem is to address it from a SPIRITUAL PERSPECTIVE

I believe that pain and distress occur because we have disconnected from pure Love and, when we attempt to reconnect to Love, we are reaching out to the Source of Love, the Divine Universe.  

It is the Divine Universe which demonstrates its Unconditional Love for us through Creation and Creation expresses itself through ENERGY.  

When we ask for the purity of Divine Loving Energy to fill our bodies (as in The Hopi Drain Out. the breathing exercise accessing Universal Life Force and the Clapping Notification we give to the Divine Universe),  we are reconnecting with Love and allowing our bodies to do the work of healing...something they are innately designed to do.

The  ENERGY of this glorious world...this magnificent source of empowerment...is ours for the asking.  

It patiently awaits our Awareness and Attention so that we can move continuously toward Love,  heal ourselves and fulfill our spiritual destiny.

                                                                                               Marie Helena