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Monday, September 3, 2012

Frozen Feelings


It is not easy to allow ourselves to express emotions that are difficult and troublesome.  

Happy  feelings just seem to flow out of us easily, their vibrations sailing away out into the universe.  

But the storm of anger and frustration or depression can feel very intimidating.  Oppressive and burdensome.

We feel the darkness and may want to hide these feelings away because of the weight of habit or the discomfort pressing heavily upon us.  

Or, we may brood about our upset.  We may lapse into self-judgment, telling ourselves that we SHOULDN'T give them any space or expression.

And, sometimes, we may not experience or expose these feelings because we don't have the words to express them in a comfortable way.


There is a price to be paid for the harboring of FROZEN FEELINGS


The  price tag is a disturbance in the natural healing process of the body.   It is an interruption, an emotional filibuster that stalls the beautiful cleansing inherent in our human nature.  

We are designed to be able to FEEL AND FLOW OUR FEELINGS and thereby release them from our body.  This action keeps our organism open to receiving everything that is out there, including the experiences that bring us joy and delight.

"If we don't allow ourselves the time and freedom to heal, some of our ability to experience life is frozen - locked away - and is unavailable for the 'up' experiences we seem to like:  Happiness, contentment, love, peace.  

The mechanism that feels the anger and depression is the same one that feels peace and love.  If you refuse to feel the anger and the pain of a loss, you will not be able to feel anything else until that area heals."

                                                                                 Life 101


It's very clear, then, that expressing our feelings is so very important.   So let's take a moment to look more closely at the obstacles to accomplishing this.



Perhaps we have grown up learning to gunnysack our troublesome feelings because their expression was not welcomed

Over the years this gunnysacking may have become a signature part of our repertoire.  Now we may be able to see that dragging this gunnysack around is sapping our energy.


And speaking of energy, one of the greatest drains to our energy quotient is the practice of brooding.  Here we get stuck...mired in the difficult emotion and, by so doing, we bring on even more of it.  There is no solution...no way out.  Only a wallowing.  Not very pretty and not much fun.


Here we get to make ourselves feel even worse by condemning our behavior as unseemly and ungracious and not living up to the high expectation we have for ourselves.

These obstacles plunge us more deeply into the darkness.
But we DO NOT have to be stuck in the frozen tundra of buried emotions.

It's very possible to THAW OUT the iceberg of our hidden emotions.  And with practice and understanding  we can get this job done and free ourselves from the fallout we've been dragging around.


Here's how we begin.

First, we let ourselves flow with the river of "what is".  We recognize that there are reasons for our reactions...unhealed hurts that are triggering us and so we give ourselves a boatload of love and compassion and let the emotions flow through us...whatever they are.

We give ourselves permission to HAVE the feeling.

The point is we DO feel this way and so we don't choose to argue with reality. 

We let ourselves feel whatever the body wants to unleash and we visualize the scrambled  energy stored in our vortex which is streaming out as A MOMENT OF RELEASE

And we bless it and love it.


This new way of dealing with our emotions may take a little getting used to but what a significant step in our spiritual and emotional evolution

 It is truly worth the effort to free ourselves from the weight of unexpressed emotion.

The process of melting the burdens we have been carrying in our hearts is a glorious act of self love, and  it opens the channels of our energy to recognize and receive the beauty of the world awaiting our full awareness and experience.

image from springboardmagazine.com

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