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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Feeling Peace

Our often unpredictable and mysterious subconscious drives 96% of our behavior.  It is birthed from a myriad of experiences many of which have been troubling and painful and remain unreleased and unresolved.

And so we carry this enormous residue with us and, whenever it is triggered by an uncomfortable circumstance, our emotions are flooded with a download of the unhealed hurt we have been harboring in our bodies.

And it's WHAT we do with that download that is so very important.

IF we choose to do nothing with the download but endure the obstruction, we will catapult into the leaden state of depression...perhaps into anxiety and fear and, for sure,  into the roadblock of numb and icebound inaction.

Bur what IS the antidote to being stuck in what feels like an overwhelming and sometimes paralyzing situation?

The antidote to this difficult situation is to consciously CHOOSE to go to a different place.

Consider what emotion you would LIKE to feel...and I mean feel all-of-the-time.  What emotion would you choose to replace the fear or frustration or anxiety?

Let's say, for example, it's PEACE.  You would like to feel PEACE 


So take a moment and consider what PEACE would look like to you.

Perhaps PEACE to you means a sojourn in a lovely meadow where you can inhale the fresh, dew-laden grass and hear God's woodland creatures in the forest nearby.  Squirrels scampering everywhere, playing hide and seek among the leafy oaks.  Gentle birds chirping in the branches overhead as they track the squirrels' frolicking about.  Bouquets of lilacs blossoming brilliantly in great profusion from several nearby bushes, delicately scenting the air with their dulcet  fragrance.  

You are observing and listening to this pastoral scene from a grassy knoll with the sun shining boldly overhead while you sip a mimosa of pristine water and floating slices of succulent strawberries.  


That's my take today...in this moment...of what peace would viscerally look like in my imagination.  But what really counts is what would it look like in yours. 

The place that you paint as peaceful...the description of THAT beautiful scene is what YOU need to bring fully into your consciousness so you can evoke it whenever the need arises.

And when would that moment be?  It would be whenever an upsetting download appears from your subconscious

But first, BEFORE you replace the default that is playing with a NEW setting...there is something that is very important to do.  And that is to ACKNOWLEDGE the download (upsetting reaction) and THANK IT for showing up because that download represents your subconscious protecting you from fully feeling a flash of pain because you did not have the tools you needed to deal with the hurt at that time.

This thoughtful and conscious rewiring of your subconscious that you are about to undertake represents your readiness to release the issues you have been holding.

Now you have developed a SOUL VIEW of this truly loving process and you recognize the beauty of the protection you received during a time of great difficulty and are ready to input your new default setting of choice.   

Your new "setting" in this scenario is a visualization of the concept of Peace.

You have greeted the subconscious "visitor" and thanked it for the protection it has provided and now you choose to place yourself right in the middle of your image of PEACE and you visit the beautiful place in your imagination that represents PEACE to you.

In so doing you are honoring your commitment to BE  PEACE at ALL TIMES This means you are choosing PEACE no matter what is going on.   Regardless of what circumstances are occurring in your life and regardless of what you are feeling, you honor your commitment to choose PEACE.

When you freely and fully make a commitment to BE PEACE and to call up in your imagination whatever scene or choice of action would bring you the feeling of PEACE, you have set a course for yourself to flip the 96% of your subconscious out of anxiety and suffering  into the Land of Peace (or whatever beautiful place you choose for yourself).

And  when you are at peace and in peace,  your body and emotions work in perfect harmony and serve you well and bring you joy.

YOU are now THE SOURCE...the conscious chooser of your thoughts, feelings and actions...and you have empowered yourself with the ability to live freely and fully the  life you have chosen for yourself.

image from nemcoskyart.blogspot.com

Post Script 

As I practice this harmonizing process I am finding that many different scenarios represent PEACE to me.  Here are some that have occurred to me so far:
*The beautiful, grassy knoll described above

*Listening to the mellow and gentle sound of Willy Nelson's music while I sit outdoors in the Great West  
 in front of a roaring fire... the night sky filled with white, luminous stars... and Willy sitting on a nearby 
 rock singing and strumming his guitar

*Contemplating the majesty and rhythm and power of the waves of Lake Michigan which I observe while 

 sitting quietly in meditation on a pier near a lighthouse

*Remembrance of acts of kindness

*Remembrance of acts of love

Remembrance of acts of self honoring

*Hugging my favorite trees and connecting with the thriving nature of Mother Earth

My list will undoubtedly go on.   Yours, too.  :)

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