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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Morning PRAYER

Today I will become the Next, Grandest Version of Myself.

Just as a sapphire pond smiles gratefully at the sun's embrace, 

I will flow my energy to every person I encounter, warming their day with my curiosity and caring.

Just as the wind weaves its spell amidst the flora of the forest,  

I will weave my wonder at this glorious body I inhabit.

Just as the night covers the earth with its blanket of protection,

I will still my efforts to complete the mighty list I have imagined for myself.  I will honor my weariness and comfort myself with peace.

Just as the stars glisten in the evening sky,

my soul will shimmer with gratitude for the bouquet of gifts that have found their way into my heart.

I will watch the earth for its whispers of guidance and let it lead me into my grace filled day.

image from meta-gaia.angelfire.com.  

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