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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wave Runners

Just as all things are composed of the beautiful, mysterious gift of ENERGY, there is also another magnificent gift accompanying it...EMOTION.

This second gift is really energyE…in MOTION.

This is the reason for its existence.
It is the instrument by which we move the energy we hold within our earth bodies.

The design of emotion is truly beautiful.

As we experience our earth challenges and feel a reaction/response in our bodies…emotions give us a vehicle to let our bodies do the work…to process what we are experiencing….what we are learning.

When we acknowledge this gift and accept and receive it we are fully prepared to do our earth work. Everything that is coming in to us has a path to follow. If we keep that path open and let this beautiful architecture perform its function…all WILL be well.


When we block this path, we invite layer upon layer of complication into our lives.

Let’s consider for a moment how the beautiful process of emotion (Energy-in-motion) evolves.

One example is the physical release of tears.

Feelings of sadness or hurt that we experience are transformed into these precious carriers of our soul work. The release of the chemicals in tears cleanses our body. Tears of sadness are different from tears of anger or tears of hurt. (Depending on our situation, the body has varying assignments.)

The magnificent instrument which is our body is its own pharmacy and physician.

And when we have somehow shifted our body out of balance because of stress or overwork, for example, we experience accompanying physical symptoms, calling this condition to our attention.

If we accept this beautiful message from our body and honor it by letting ourselves fully feel it…all of it…with awareness of the path it is traveling, giving it permission to
completely fulfill its mission…we reach the state of peace.

Our bodies have taken beautiful care of us. Our feelings of grief or anger or sadness have been gracefully processed and released.

We have become WAVE RUNNERS…welcoming the wave of emotion and letting ourselves ride this amazing E wave all the way… until it reaches the shore. And when we arrive there, we feel a sense of calm and find ourselves on a clear path to move forward…freed from the residue of E motion which is left when we do not recognize and receive this awesome and divine gift.

What a magnificent instrument the body is! What a powerful testimony to Divine Intelligence! And we are invited to employ and enjoy this gift which keeps us strong and supple, ready to grow and learn.

To wave runners, every day is the right day to hit the boards and revel in this beautiful and challenging ride called LIFE!

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