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Friday, February 4, 2011

The Game

We have gotten so VERY good at playing THE GAME of PRETENDING that we are alone and not the creators of our lives.
Steve Rother (and his mentors)
The Magnetic Whip

Now that’s quite a game to get into…and, according to Steve Rother, I already have. You, too, says Steve. It’s the human condition. The way we view the world and what makes us feel stressed, anxious and frustrated.

And what if Steve Rother is right and all this pretending is not necessary? What if it’s a cover for the Divine Creatures we really are and what if we have been hiding behind this disguise all this time? What if we really are spiritual beings having a physical experience?

Let’s think about this for a minute and consider how the recognition of this could work in our lives.

There is a huge difference between exerting tons of energy on our many dreams and wishes in the hope of manifesting what we desire (in the pretend game) and, instead, simply consciously choosing our intention and then ALLOWING the Divine Universe to bring it to us…in the most beautiful and powerful and perfect way possible.

Sounds a lot easier…and more practical…and, ultimately, a lot more fun. If we had a knowingness about the magnitude of our ability all we would have to do is choose to use it whenever we want.

Can you imagine the awesome privilege of that position? And because we are Divine Connectors our goal would naturally be to embrace our Highest Good and the Highest Good of everyone involved.

Now, we don’t always know what that Highest Good is but the Divine Universe does and we don’t have to worry about the details. Once we are clear about our intention and express it, we need to leave the playing field and go do something else…read a good book, see some friends, take a walk…just distract ourselves while the Universe takes over.

Sounds to me like a plan…and a very good one. And it also feels easy.

What if this were true?

The question is: If we are so very good at pretending, consider how stellar we can be at EMBRACING THIS adventure?

Who’s running YOUR show?


  1. I like the focus on highest good for self and others. Great picture!

  2. Marie - It seems we need constant reminding of the need to take our foot off the gas pedal of life! It's like when you put your car on cruise control - you don't have to keep pushing the gas - you've set that up. You do have to stay aware and for the most part the driving is a straight shot with a few turns here and there, which represent the moves in life that we are guided to make. I think you are so right! When we stay very busy trying to make things happen, we're probably not paying attention to what actually is happening! Even knowing this, though, it takes constant reminders as we get "caught up" in our creative endeavors to allow the flow versus continuing to press on that gas pedal!
    Thanks so much for the timely reminder!