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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Your Personal GPS

Technology is giving us an earthly-conceived version of a gift we already have – Our Personal Guidance System!

The GPS you can purchase will prevent you from getting lost by giving you the most practical and effective advice on how to return to your path. And the Personal Guidance System we already have from Our Higher Self will also tell us what we need to know to return to OUR PATH. One comes from a satellite system; the other from the Divine Universe.

Regardless of whether it’s the GPS we purchase at Best Buy or the Personal Guidance System we already own… there’s one critical point: We have to turn it on!

Sounds simple…and it is when we hold the gadget in our hand. But it seems we can easily forget to turn on (tune in) to our innate Guidance System which waits patiently for our attention…and is always ready to do the job. Its messages are very subtle and sophisticated and can be beamed to us from many different places: the persons who share our life, the book we are reading, an offhand remark we happen to overhear, a feeling that comes over us. It’s quite a beautiful and intriguing setup. Ideally, we are the detectives always alert for the clues. And they are EVERYWHERE!

But, when we miss the subtle clues, the clues get stronger…and if we keep missing them, they won’t give up…no, they are (fortunately) relentless and will knock us over with a two by four.

Ever have this happen to you? The body eventually develops symptoms. We might be overcome with fatigue. Our relationships take a nosedive. We lose our motivation and excitement. Everything seems to malfunction around us.

There IS a way to sidestep the two by four and it’s simple but hard to do. Simply listen to the subtle clues. Look for them. We are so beautifully loved that they surround us. We are living in a PARADISE of love and caring and sometimes entirely miss that landscape.

We have to pay attention and be alert. We have to turn the Personal Guidance System on and we have to service it when needed. If we do, the Guidance will be there and it will lead us to the best and brightest road to our Highest Good.

Best of all, it’s a free gift…part of the bonus of attending Earth School.

Turn on and tune in. It’ll be the best advice, fun and entertainment of your day!


  1. I like the idea of a personal guidance system. We've all had occasional moments that we've paid attention to and acted on the nudge. Would be fun to keep track of how many hits we get in a day! Perhaps we should share our specific messages and how we use them to direct our actions.

    Mt example: I was nudged to call a friend that that friend really needed to communicate with me that day. What a way to make a difference!

  2. Lovely and wise. I know I have been guided by good people, like my mother, my whole life.