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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Lamplighter

A chassid is a LAMPLIGHTER. The lamplighter walks the streets carrying a flame at the end of a pole. He knows that the flame is not his. And he goes from lamp to lamp to set them alight.

Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak

The chassid or Lamplighter is the image of a historical figure which tells the story of our path to spirituality.  What would inspire someone to metaphorically "walk the streets" in search of lamps to light?

The answer to this lies in our own awareness of Who We Truly Are.  

When we recognize that it is Divine LOVE which defines us, the LOVE that patiently sustains us through the many experiences of duality in earth school...

when we come to see and know this in ourselves, 

we begin to sense and see it EVERYWHERE...in EVERYONEWe are fascinated with the incandescent beauty of this truth and moved to help everyone recognize the radiance of their soul.

The lamplighter's flame is the AWARENESS of the ENERGY of the LOVE of the 
Divine UniverseAnd his mission is to help each person he interacts with recognize the evidence of this beauty in himself.


Marie Helena

 image from aggieballer.com

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  1. i was working as i usually do today and i happened to call a woman named Marie.It ended like every phone call does well so i thought i checked my voice mail and it was the most sweetest message i almost cried with my line of work you of course get rude people all day with telemarketing but i called her back and thanked her for brightening my day the message has been saved on my phone so when i have a horrible day i can listen to her voice for inspiration she told me she dosent know how i have the energy to do this type of work every day and what i thought to myself was the message you left its a perfect example of why i continue i wish more people were like you Marie thank you so much for brightening up my day -Christina