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Tuesday, January 21, 2014



Balloon Blowers of the World:
(and that would be all of us at one time or another)

It seems we all have our own supply of pulsating old air circling in our emotional aura ready to help inflate an issue that's been triggered by a comment or circumstance which landed in our emotional gunnysack.

That heavy gust of emotion can make a problem look very big very fast. Once we add our emotional baggage to the issue that has just occurred (and it happens automatically), we've cooked up quite a concoction ready to explode at a second's notice.

We all carry these gunnysacks around...eve
n if they are not visible to the naked eye. They're probably the cause of all the physical backaches we have and, for sure, they're the cause of the emotional ones.

These are our unhealed hurts...the things we just sucked up...or decided to take care of "tomorrow".

Those tomorrow's and the sucking up over the years add up to a burdensome load and, unfortunately, we get more and more used to carrying them around and don't even notice they are there anymore... except for the fact that
they drain our energy and lessen our life force and erode the joy from our lives.

So here's the question I'm thinking about.

What would it take for the
emoto-balloon to go "Whoosh" and lighten those gunnysacks we are dragging around?

Here are some of my observations.

One thing I've noticed about my gunnysack is that in one particular case I had taken a very simple issue and had made it very complicated. That did it. Into the gunnysack it went and I'm not sure why. I recall at one point having a conscious intention to deal with the problem and one day the resolution suddenly seemed so simple. Guess I have to credit my celestial helpers for responding (and probably with great relief) to my determination to finally get the work done.

Another time the answer was equally simple...a shift in perspective. However, I first experienced several days of assuming the worst (truly delaying the resolution) before the shift occurred. I wonder now why I hadn't assumed the best instead.

One other practice that is totally non-productive is reliving old hurts instead of dealing with the present moment . Dwelling on “old stuff" ups the ante on distress. If there is something for us to learn from the past and I mean the role we played in the issue (for that is the only thing we are responsible for)...then we need to learn it…and move on.

One last observation. The pain WILL go away and our hurt along with it IF we first listen to the body and fully consent to experiencing the message it is physically giving us...if we don't run away but let ourselves completely feel the distress that was backlogged long ago when the initial problem first occurred and we didn't address it. At that time we were lacking the tools to deal with the issue. (The body and spirit deserve a boatload of love and gratitude for protecting us until we could do the work.)

Now, however...Look how SMART we're getting!

So, let's recap what's worked for me:

Have a conscious intention to deal
Assume the best

Learn from the past and release

Honor the body's physical messages.

Are you wishing for a "Whoosh" to lighten the load?
Go get it. It's on your radar now just waiting for you to put the pedal to the metal.

Wow! Are you getting lighter or what!

originally published May 21, 2011

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