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Friday, January 3, 2014

I Got You, Babe

In 1965 the #1 single by the American pop music duo Sonny and Cher was  
"I Got You, Babe" 

Sonny Bono, songwriter and record producer, wrote the lyrics and composed the music for the hit.   

As I run the melody of the song through my memory, there is something about the title that carries a special impact...the words..."I got you".    

And here's why.

If we take the meaning of "I got you" to be:  
I hear you,
I understand you,
I know how you feel,                                                                           
      (and this is MOST important)
I HONOR you with all the energy I have IN THIS MOMENT...


We have given someone a most beautiful and elegant soul embrace.

In effect, we are saying...

I know who you are...
I see how you feel...
I "get" what you need to feel safe and loved...


If we can stay centered in our own truth and journey of growth...
If we can see past the details of our own existence...

We can turn our attention and awareness to what is going on around us...   
        to the joy and pain, the adventures and struggles of others.

And when we really SEE their souls and appreciate them, the experiences that have shaped them...the ways they have chosen to express themselves...

Then, we, llike Sonny Bono, compose the music with our hearts
in a simple but very loving refrain...I Got You, Babe.    


                                                                       Marie Helena

top image from www.bluelightlady.com

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