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Friday, November 8, 2019

Virtual Gifts

 If you combine the amazing accessibility of the Internet with the fun and splendor of creativity...what do you get? 

                 Virtual Gifts!

At least that is one of the many combinations possible when combining these two wonders and it's one I have recently fallen in love with.

Do you know someone who is going through a challenging experience and you would like to send them an "e smile"?  Want to squeeze a thoughtful hello into your busy day?  Perhaps you would like to entertain and delight yourself by indulging your vibrant imagination.

Consider sending a VIRTUAL GIFT to the someone you are thinking of.

I started this practice a week or two ago and am having great fun with it. 

Recently, I emailed a message about tulips to a friend whose husband was undergoing surgery. 

(By the way, did you know that tulips, unlike all other flowers, do not stop growing even when they are cut and placed in a vase of water?  Their life force is so strong that they continue to lengthen and expand and, as they do, they form a lovely arc over the vase.)

Here is the message I sent her:

"I am sending you a virtual gift...a vase of freshly cut tulips.  These beautiful flowers represent the life force embodied by your husband that will help him heal and the love and support he is receiving from you and your family and friends."

A few days later I sent a follow-up offering....
Virtual Gift.....

"Relaxing nap on a sultan's billowy cushions, royal musicians to gently serenade you while you fall asleep, gentle breezes blowing soft white curtains, the scent of jasmine somewhere nearby"

She loved it...and so did her husband.  

Soooo much fun to create these "gifts"!

Later, I designed a virtual presentation for a recovering musician...

"Soothing sounds of a copacetic saxophone, accented by a lovely blond torch singer wearing a ruby red gown, leaning against a street post and dreamily singing her heart out..."

Guess what happened next? The musician sent me this message:   

                                              "The song - Stormy Weather"     

Now the subject of my get-well wish was playing along with me (and, hopefully, was distracted by these few moments of connection).

What a lovely way to let someone know you are holding them close to your heart!

In the world of "virtual" gift-giving, we are only limited by the parameters of our imagination.  There really is no end to the munificence of our caring hearts engaged in this delightful entertainment.  Why not expand your creative horizons by moonlighting from your usual preoccupations and indulging in this free gift shop of our amazing techno-universe!

                                                                                                Marie Helena

image of tulips from www.kathleenpequignot.com
Kathleen Pequignot Fne Art:  January 2005

image of sultan's palace from www.wikipaintings.
Sketch for the opera "Legend of the Invisible City of Kitezh and Maiden Fevronia" by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov - Ivan Bilibin, 1929

image of saxophone from colourbox.com

Saturday, November 2, 2019

The Basque System

The Glossary of Chess defines the Basque System as a chess competition in which the players simultaneously play each other two games on two boards, each playing White on one board and Black on the other.

If we were to adopt the classical interpretation of Black and White,  we could see the color Black as a representation of the discrete, finite, earthbound and white as the picture of the spiritual, the ethereal, of higher dimensions.  When Black and White come into play simultaneously, we have the potential for a most exquisite example of earthbound evolution. 

Capturing, now, this metaphor within the interplay of our every day lives with others, we can clearly see the limitations and travails of earthbound experiences that often occur such as tension, stress, frustration, hurt...the well-worn human paths we encounter. 
Playing Black chess on a board.

And, as we walk ourselves through a contemplation of the maze of alternative moves on that board, we only "see" those which vibrationally match the state of our emotions and that is exactly what we attract to ourselves.  More of the "limited" options.  More difficulty.  More Black.

But, the very decision to simultaneously play White on another board represents our desire to transcend our earthly choices EVEN while we make them.  Our desire to WITNESS our behavior signals the yearning to take in the complete horizon...to see the inter-workings of every element in the picture...each person, each action...and to see how we fit into and are affecting what is transpiring.

And when we are able to observe the part WE are playing in the drama, we have the opportunity to recognize, appraise and choose to redirect the energy flowing through us.  We can transcend the drama, and, choose, instead, to RESPOND from a choice of peacefulness and acceptance, still speaking our truth but allowing our heart to shift the vibration we have encountered from unrest and agitation into a gentle response of honoring the emotions so clearly being felt and expressed by ourselves and others.

This dual engagement is a beautiful and challenging path leading to our personal evolution.

Still in earth school...experiencing the BLACK emotions.  But, simultaneously, being guided by Higher Self on the ALABASTER archetypeWith stunning results and transcendence.  CUTTING EDGE.

                                                                            Marie Helena