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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Elephant in the Room

In the concept of FENG SHUI there are a certain grace and proportion and balance that can be sensed in a given area which strongly impart a feeling of peace. Furniture and light fixtures are arranged, flowers and objects of art situated, pillows and area rugs positioned to achieve this effect.

The results are a place of peace and tranquility.

Except, perhaps, for the one thing that distracts from the harmony…the thing that cannot be seen with the eyes but can be felt with the emotions.

The Elephant in the Room.

The quietness of this huge, invisible creature belies its power.

Though the elephant can’t be seen…everyone tiptoes around him. Carefully…Not wanting to talk about him because once he is mentioned, the parade is on.

A parade of unspoken concern, hurt, resentment. And the music and the marching are loud…so loud we can no longer pretend they aren’t there.

But I say hurray for the person who names the elephant…who calls to everyone’s attention the issue that is being ignored because of fear or a history of hurt or repressed anger that has never been accepted, felt, understood and ultimately released.

This is (or can be) a clearing of our souls…which has the potential to release the burden we have been carrying and bring new energy into our space.

It takes real courage to call this one. And I think it takes some learning and experience to feel comfortable enough to make the call.

Do you know people who always see the elephant in the room…and who have the self-confidence to speak about it and the sensitivity to express the issue in a way that makes it comfortable for everyone to engage?

If you do, I suggest you study their manner and the results they achieve and, most important of all, connect with their hearts. Because a person who can do this with gentleness and ease and compassion is an angel perched on the arm of the sofa. He is appearing in the guise of an earthly creature but, believe me, he has the gifts of heaven.

We can learn so much from each other…from everyone and everything that enters our path. Not just the angel who calls the elephant back to await his next assignment but the elephant himself who represents the issues we have come here (to our earth life) to address.

The elephant may be an unusual and hidden piece of furniture but, for a time, perhaps, he is the most important presence in the room.


  1. This was a very interesting entry. One thing I thought about when I was reading it is that the people in the room might see or sense a different "elephant." Or maybe not. Maybe that could be a part of the conversation.

  2. AS I read this entry, I wasn't sure if there was always an elephant in the room, or the brave soul spots the "animal" when it appears. Then he takes the "bull by the horns", and, in kindest way possible, starts the revealing conversation that allows all to enter the discussion. Good bless the brave soul/angel that begins the process. We need more of these willing facilitators.