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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Design Your Day

What if a consultant were to arrive at your home with suggestions for how to bring a stunning new look to your domicile with fabric, furnishings and art?

And what if another consultant arrived with guidance on how to prepare creative and nutritious meals for the family?

And a third consultant showed up to suggest some wonderful new books to read and some glorious new music to enjoy?

What if all three of these consultants were YOU?

Our lives are not limited to the roles we traditionally play. We are gifted with the potential to learn anything we want and our desire and motivation...together with our innate creativity...can make us adept and even skilled in untold new areas of interest.

Suppose we imagine ourselves making a visit to our home in the guise of an expert consultant. If we could observe our surroundings with an objective eye, we would be able to draw up a plan for any change we desired. We might have great fun taking on this masquerade and surprise ourselves with our creativity. We might have to do a little speculating and guesstimating but what great fun to assume these new points of view.

This is a simple and very easy way to stretch beyond the ordinary boundaries of our thinking. And we can use this game to look at how we solve problems.

If it's normal for you to have a reaction to a specific trigger, what if you were to suggest (to yourself) that the trigger is kicking up an old habit or problem but you are a NEW person now...with more extensive understanding and experience and a growing compassion for the problems of others?

If you find yourself turning to the same old method of "comforting" yourself when things get stressful, what if you suggested (to you ) that a deep breath and a few steps outside into the fresh air might center you and give you perspective?

And what if you sometimes forget how many things you do right and start playing the blame game but instead directed (yourself) to an inventory of the generous things you do for others and a boatload of compassion for the special challenges you face in your life?

Wow! You are looking like a mighty talented person here...with unlimited resources and a special sensitivity to helping people heal.

Do you recognize yourself? This is the vocation you never formally chose, the road not normally taken...but with a little imagination you can try on these possibilities and uncover your talent and insight.

Who knew how fabulous you could be! And what wonderful designs you could superimpose on what was once your ordinary day!

Knock, knock. Is that you at the door?


  1. I love this, very empowering! It also gets at the idea that we are often more kind to others than we are to ourselves.

  2. Attempting to be total objective in viewing our own life situations really stretches our usual vision of day to day living. Can we learn to help ourselves as we might help a friend in need?

    I say YES! Try it, you might like it!