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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Calling All Card Sharks!

Everyone loves watching a card shark shuffle a deck. With ease and dexterity and confidence. Assembling the cards with a sureness of intent. With anticipated pleasure of playing the game…and with the bountiful resources of familiarity and experience.

Every game is a new challenge…to be assessed. A new strategy to be determined. And, of course, there is the pleasure of the colorful and stimulating interaction of all of the players.

With the turning over of just one card, the game can change. Our star player reaches for that card with hopefulness and determination. There is always the possibility that this one card can change the entire direction of the event for him.

One card. One change. One slight move in a new direction.

This could be a formula for working through the issues of our lives.

Issues which can feel so heavy and burdensome. Places where we feel forever stuck…lacking the motivation to make the huge change we desire, but still knowing what we want to achieve.

One small change can make a difference. It can move us off of dead center. It can introduce a new vibration. It can redirect our attitude. It can bring us hopefulness where there was none before.

One small change could seem manageable…even when we are so weary and depressed.

If we can see our way to one small change, we can open a new path…a reshuffling of the deck that seemed so fixed and unrelenting. One small change can ultimately redirect the game.

We can be spiritual card sharks and use that thinking to navigate our lives.

Just making ourselves walk outside and feel what nature is providing that day can wake up our spirit.

Just acknowledging another can open our hearts to love (of others and, most importantly here, of ourselves).

Just the deliberate act of feeling gratitude will place us on a stronger course.

Just asking for direction from Higher Self will open the floodgates of grace.

When we are lost in our pain one small change can reconnect us with the Divine Presence we already enjoy but have temporarily lost sight of.

One small change can lead to another and another…

and soon we have changed the game…changed our story… and found the lesson waiting to be discovered.

One small change is how we begin.

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  1. Oh, I really loved this!--so hopeful! And I believe it, too. I remember a time a few years ago when almost every day, as I stepped outside my door on my way to work, I would say to myself, "THIS might be the day my life changes forever." I loved the profound sense of possibility. I wasn't looking for something huge, just little things that would change my direction or teach me something new.