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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Voice of the Heart

Prince William and his beloved Kate are everywhere!

On the covers of magazines, the internet, the telly, the papers...and, even more importantly, they are in everyone's hearts.

The interest in their ROYAL WEDDING is sweeping and global. And the engagement of the world with Kate and Will's story is not merely a news event...or history (though it is most surely that).

It is an engagement of the heart because Kate and Will represent a story of real love.

The world wants to celebrate that love because it is something we all yearn for.

And it seems that this delightful couple has found that love...or, more accurately, has grown that love...over time and through many challenging experiences. They have chosen to be their authentic selves and are thereby living a most beautiful example of the importance and success of this choice.

A regal romance and a hopeful LOVE story.

William and Kate...Voice of the Heart.

1 comment:

  1. How excited the world becomes when love manifests so vividly in front of our eyes! It is what we all aspire to and delight in.. Let's keep the excitement as long as possible.

    Let's remember how it feels and continue to see it on our everyday lives in as many ways as possible.