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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Beauty of Tears

One of the most beautiful things that exists in the world is the exquisite design of our bodies: physical, spiritual, mental and emotional.

Though we often turn to medications to help us through illnesses it is a fact that our bodies are the ultimate pharmacy and have the capacity to restore vibrant health to us…giving us exactly what we need whenever we pay attention and ask to access this treasure.

Another one of our most powerful abilities is the capacity to release toxins from our body and an especially awesome way to do this is to experience the beauty of tea

When we cry we connect with the emotions we are experiencing and allow them to BE. There is no other way for emotions than to BE but we make gargantuan attempts to force them to BE underground by pretending that we don’t have the emotions or, at least, not allowing them to be physically manifested. The reason for this is that we often equate tears with weakness and we seek to avoid weakness at all costs.

The truth is that tears are STRENGTH…the body allowing emotions (the stuff of which life is made) to move through us and find expression.

And when we express the emotion, we find relief. The body is cleansing itself. It is honoring the feelings…celebrating them.

When the blocked energy of unshed tears builds up over time we are putting a very difficult burden on the body…to carry inside all of that unexpressed emotion.

Tears have a unique chemical composition which changes depending on the reason we are crying.
Tears of anger are different from tears of sadness or tears of joy. Tears can help us work through heartbreak by moving us through the process of healing and removing the toxins from our physical selves. But we have to allow them…and honor and bless them.

If you have difficulty letting your tears flow, let them come forward into your eyes…don’t block them. Welcome them and ask that your emotions be released.

Spirit will find the way to make this happen. And, if it is not through the flowing of your tears...your asking alone will probably create another kind of miracle.

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