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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Elegance in Action - The Do Over

Have you ever felt regret about the way you have handled something and later found your way and wished you could recapture the moment and relive it? Have you ever felt it was too late to make things better?

Do not lose heart over this small misstep for there is a distinct and clear path of recovery and reconciliation....but it requires courage and character - the DO OVER.

Visualize the tension felt by you and another when awkward or uncomfortable comments somehow slip into the conversation. Both of you are unsettled and uneasy. You both feel stuck in the emotional mire. However, things do not have to remain this wa

If your companion is agreeable, what a wonderful thing it would be for you to REDO the moment…to (re)tread lightly and with grace over the highway of ill considered words and actions...to leave footprints of love over the mismanaged issue...to choose a Higher way of acting and put right what has been left in frustration and distress.

The gentle nudging of a door...a respectful and reverent entrance…an honoring of the guest within...a window thrust confidently open to let in the beautiful air of caring and concern.

And an inspiration... to everyone watching.

That's you...asking for the opportunity to bring light to the issue at hand...that's you looking at the big picture and, in particular, the other person's position...that's you DOing things OVER with beauty and grace.

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  1. How wonderful to have a partner who is willing to do a "do over," too!