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Monday, May 9, 2011

Rose-Colored Glasses

Wearing color tinted glasses is a very popular choice of many people today and they come in many varying hues.

The shading affects the way we see the world...whether we find ourselves peering through a dark (gloomy) lens, for example, or an upbeat blue (adventurous) lens or the (love washed) tint of
ROSE-colored glasses.

But we really don't need to wear tinted lenses to affect our VISION of life. We can do that all by ourselves, courtesy of how we choose among the alternate ways we can navigate our day.

The very same objective facts that gave rise to elation could drop to despair if we ponder them while we are questioning our self-worth. The dream of ours to accomplish something wonderful and that feels so promising might seem totally unworkable at a disturbing time.

The deciding factor of what COLOR we are viewing life with is whether or not we are experiencing harmony between our physical self and our non-physical being.

According to Esther Hicks, author of The Vortex, this is because our non-physical self (which is always with us) knows and recognizes what is a good choice for us and when our physical self decides to do something that is NOT in harmony with that choice, we experience upset, distress...in effect...the "dark" tinted glasses.

I think we all have a personal guidance system in place to tell us whether the choice we are pondering is a good one for us. This system resides in our physical body. When we make a choice which comes from LOVE we feel joy. When our choice is in the other direction...on some subtle and sometimes non-so-subtle level we feel uneasy.

It's a matter of tuning in to the guidance and choosing JOY.

With that JOY comes the rose-colored glasses where everything seems possible and hopeful and perfectly lovely.

How delightful to see the world that way and to feel that sense of peace and serenity!

Is it time for a "vision" check?


  1. This message came at the right time--I read it after viewing a much higher than expected electric bill. After reading your blog entry, I decided to just "let it go." I am not going to let it ruin any moment!

  2. If I am not joyful in this present moment, then my immediate thought should be: "It is time to find a new direction with actions, words, ideas, and thoughts." I can't remember who said it but this saying comes to mind--When you change your mind, you change your life. Joyful is the goal!