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Friday, May 27, 2011

Surf's Up!

There is not one thing in life that comes to us by any means other than from the magnetic vibrations of the FEELINGS that we send out all day long. Not one, ever!

Cosmic Physics
Lynn Grabhorn

It is so easy to go through life assigning responsibility for what happens to us to other people or circumstances. We've all done it.

"Look what you did!"
"Why did you have to say that?"
"Everything happens to me."
"Great. Now what?"

And when we view our life through this lens, we are very much the victim...at the mercy of what we might label fate, unseen forces, punishment, someone else's problems...totally missing the critical point that we attract things to us by the way we feel.

Now THERE'S a very good reason to get in touch with our feelings, observe them and decide which wave we want to ride and which wave we will pass over.

We can jump onto the good feeling surfboard...noticing what cool things are going on around us, feeling gratitude for our blessings, loving ourselves for the beautiful beings we already are, affirming others whenever we see something wonderful...or, even better, supporting others when they are in need of reassurance and caring.


We can ride the "Why Me?" surfboard which has Victim painted all over it...complaining about how things are not going our way, wondering why everything bad happens to us.

The interesting thing here is wherever we park ourselves for the ride...whichever surfboard we choose, by the sheer fact of being there, by choosing that location to vibrate at...we are going to get more of the same.

Ever hear someone say, "Everything's going wrong today" or "I can't do anything right"? Yep, it's the surfboard they're riding that's the problem.

And, when you have a day in which everything goes beautifully, you are riding the surfboard of good feeling.

Now here's the important part. It doesn't matter if you don't start out in the good feeling place...the only thing that counts is that you choose to go there.

Yesterday morning as I reflected on the day ahead I felt a strong nudge to take an affirming leap in my intention. I was not in a positive place and I could see that I had to trade in the wave runner I was stuck under for a new model. So I chose the mantra EXPECT WONDERFUL. I typed it on a piece of paper and placed it in my pocket. I also placed the same note under the bottle of water I was drinking.

Guess what? My "expectations" were fulfilled. It truly was a WONDERFUL day. I intended it. I asked for it and I got it.

Conscious intention can totally change the direction in which we are traveling. The deliberate choice to aspire to a higher vibrational place and the willingness to make the leap will take us to the beautiful places we want to go

The universe mirrors our feelings. And we can choose what that echo will be!

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  1. I love the surfboard analogy! I could tell when we talked yesterday that you were in a wonderful mood. :-)