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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Art of Alchemy

                                    The master 
                              gives himself up 
                                    to whatever the moment brings.                                                        Lao Tse
There is a SECRET WISDOM shared by some people and it is about  the reason why we suffer

It is simple...but very profound...we suffer when the things that happen do not meet our expectations

We are all formed and influenced and affected by the values of those around us...by our parents, grandparents...by members of our immediate and extended family as well as our ethnic origin,  by our culture, our society...by the world we inhabit and the century in which we live. 

As a result of all of this massive influence we develop EXPECTATIONS of how we think things should be or how we want them to be. 

And the result all of this earthly influence seems inevitable...we are a product of the
Intellectual, emotional, and social milieu in which we live

But Life and the lessons we decided to learn in earth school often present us with very different outcomes than those which we  have come to desire or expect. 

And this great, mysterious journey we are on unveils "surprises" in our lives designed to engage, confront,  bewilder and challenge us.   When we are not open to whatever comes in...when we do not ultimately EMBRACE what arrives AS the brilliant light of a LEARNING MOMENT...we are left with disappointment, disillusion and doubt.

We doubt that we are being cared for and protected...and WE SUFFER.

The master, however, bypasses suffering.

As Lao Tse points out, the master gives himself up to whatever the moment brings.  

He has no doubt that he is eternally loved and cared for.   He meets each moment with an open heart ready to receive its wisdom.  He welcomes its unveiling no matter what form or circumstances the moment takes.  He possesses the knowing and the certainty that All is Well, that the "surprises"  he encounters are actually disguises for his lessons, that they provide enlightenment that his discernment, curiosity and creativity may discover.

The master experiences life as one engaging, blissful moment after the next.  He is in this world but not of it.  He has discovered his heavenly connection.

Suffering on earth occurs UNTIL we recognize the BLISS that our journey is leading us to...the beauty of feeling eternally cared for as we gather, experience  and integrate our earth knowledge into our Infinite (and well loved) Being.

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  1. It is apparent that our daily lives provide us with two options-- suffer through the failed expectations or realize that the Universe (God) will always there be with us through these challenges as we find the lessons we can learn in each situation. The second choice rewards us with less stress in our lives. Everyone wants that!!

  2. Also goes with one of favorite expressions -you can't change what happens to you; but you 100% control of how you react!