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Sunday, March 25, 2012

The First Catch of the Day

Wayne Dyer, contemporary spiritual writer and (according to Mind Body Spirit Magazine) the third most spiritually influential person living today, tells us that  OUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND MOVES 96% OF WHAT WE DO. 

As Dyer notes, the subconscious mind is  THE Power House  in charge of our lives. 

And we are, for the most part, unaware of what is going on in Control Central.

The patterns of behavior lodged in our subconscious are sourced from many different experiences we have encountered including VERY stressful episodes laden with unhealed pain. 

And, resourceful creatures that we are, we have succeeded  in learning how to protect ourselves from feeling that unhealed pain by shutting ourselves off from authentically experiencing...and acknowledging...the impact of any moment which threatens to resurrect it.  Instead, we choose limiting beliefs about ourselves and the world in which we live.

And so we move through life relying all too often on those default buttons.

And, yes, they keep the original pain away...but they invite a different kind of suffering...they block us from experiencing our full potential and the evolution of our personal growth.

Now that we know who's steering our ship, it's time to appoint a new captain.
And that captain is the beautiful state of our consciousness.

Our consciousness... which can decide what we NOW want to include in our modus operandi.

To place this process into motion we first need to learn to recognize and CATCH ourselves buzzing that original default button.  And, when we do, it is important to non-judgmentally take note of this.  And I suggest we have some fun as we go about this process.  Celebrate our "first catch of the day" and every other catch to follow.

Next, we need to reprogram ourselves with a new choice of response
by consciously making a statement to ourselves about the way we would like to experience the moment.

For example,

First, we recognize and acknowledge our old response.

Old defaultwhen something goes wrong...                       

 "These things never work out for me."

Then, we program in a new mantra.

New choice:  

 "When I relax and give up control of how to do something I invite
   the Divine Universe in and let the experience LEAD ME."

Neville Goddard, a New Thought lecturer of the mid 20th century, has this to say about what we are choosing to aspire to when we perform this process:

"If this assumption is persisted in until it becomes your dominant feeling, the attainment of your ideal is inevitable."

That's a really encouraging thought...very profound...and actually easy to do ONCE we have made a commitment to steer our ship in a new direction...one that we have consciously chosen for our life instead of an old, coping (and hiding) maneuver that has helped us wade through murky waters but has kept us from the joy of stepping up and choosing a path for our soul's evolution.

Dyer gives us a simple but so powerful admonition:
Our subconscious mind responds to what it is we suggest to it.

But, remember...we first have to be aware of the limiting beliefs that automatically come up for us as we go through our day.

Why not truly and fully engage in performing this process...savor and celebrate this fishing expedition?  Catch yourself wading in old waters and bring in a fresh, new wave of what you truly aspire to be!

Aye, aye, Captain...and, by the way, that's you on the Love Boat 
loving yourself enough to be the Grandest, most Beautiful Version of Who You Aspire to Be!

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  1. Love it! And loved watching Dyer with you. This entry is a great reminder to me of the power of the mind. Your image is great, too!