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Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Toolbox


Today an enterprising, talented (and very wise) young man, a computer repair business owner, spent some time with me answering some questions of mine and explaining to me a few things I needed to learn about computers.

In the last few minutes of our conversation he made a comment I found both interesting and fascinating.  He said he did not know off the top of his head the answer to the last question I asked and that he actually did not know any of the answers to questions.  I look up at him puzzled and he replied, 

"I only have to know a few things:  
What am I looking for, 
Where are the places I can look for it, 
How do I move around the computer to find my way to the information."

A little while after the conversation it struck me that these very simple instructions were also the answer to some of life's biggest questions.

For example, if we have decided that we want to find the meaning in Life (in general) and the meaning of Our Life (in particular) then we have the answer to the first question.


Knowing where to look...the second point...is a little trickier because man has found many potential destinations that have NOT delivered on this premise: money, material goods, reputation, power, fame, talent...the list goes on.

Great amounts of energy and resources have been spent pursuing these end points in hope of finding meaning (translate peace, contentment, joy).

And yet we hear story after story of the futility of these kinds of searches.

The interesting fact is that WE are the search engines...every one of us.  We are capable of "knowing" in an intuitive, heart-centered way what that meaning is...but to do it we must retreat from the active pursuit of the above-mentioned "prizes" and, instead, go into the place of greatest depth and wisdom...our consciousness.


The third and last step is knowing how to navigate this "search engine" terrain and, to accomplish this, we have to withdraw from the noise and frenzy, the unending to-do lists which govern our day...and MAKE the time (not FIND the time because we always MAKE the time for the things that are important to us) to LISTEN to our own hearts.  To be PRESENT to the moment...to LIVE in the NOW as Eckhart Tolle says.  Actually, the title of one of Tolle's books says it all: Stillness Speaks.  

When we are still, we connect with the Source energy that informs and directs all of our actions.  We stop our mental processes and, instead, allow...embrace...welcome... the messages of our heart...where love resides.
And in these moments (and through the powerful effect of experiencing these moments) we are gifted with the guidance that directs us very clearly to all of the help we need to fulfill the dreams of our greatest good.  

We become acutely aware of the MESSAGES being sent to us by the Divine Universe in so many wonderful and creative ways...in the thoughts we think, in a comment made to us, in an email message we receive, in the song we are listening to, through the chirping of a bird, the power of a storm, the brilliance of the sun, the magic of the moon.  The list goes on.  It is unending.  It is glorious. And it is awaiting our discovery.

The way that we navigate these three tasks described by my computer guru as we move through our day powerfully determines our success...our happiness...the joy we find in life.

What am I looking for..
Where are the places I can look for it...
How do I find my way.

Does your Toolbox have the answers to these questions?

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