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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Can I Be the Space for This?

 Spiritual teacher Eckhaart Tolle instructs us regarding the critical importance of accepting and living in the Present Moment.  Tolle feels that placing our attention on the Now is a primordial, fundamental  spiritual practice which  is necessary to truly experience "the fullness of life ".

Our ego, however, has other ideas.  It is never satisfied in the present but is always wanting something more so it can be "satisfied" and "happy". 

However, our constant grasping for something more is actually covering up the happiness.  Tolle says when we slow down and become very relaxed and create spaciousness, we let the happiness COME TO US.

Dr. Betty Sue Flowers, Director of the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum and a devoted follower of Tolle, recently made this comment during Tolle's  PBS presentation on present moment awareness:

"When you are fully present what you need comes to you. 

 Some kind of magic happens.  

When you are fully present you think of the answer without going through all the stress.  It comes to you as if it's a gift and you can be relaxed.  When you are in the Now not only do things take care of themselves but the thing you thought you wanted happens in a different way or becomes something utterly different."

Dr. Flowers is telling us that we DO NOT need to strive for answers or solutions; we just have to be Present in our lives and we will then receive what we need.  And I am betting that the answer we receive will be the best, the most creative version of what we wanted and it will be something we could not imagine on our own.

Tolle says to have the fullness of life we have to come to an OPENNESS to the present moment...to establish a relationship with it.  For whatever arises in the Now, he suggests we use this mantra: 

     Can I be the space for this? 

This question invites you to enter into the Present Moment and there you are.  Whatever is happening IS happening.  If you argue with thIs, you suffer.

If you accept what is happening...surrender to it, you go more fully into Life and become aligned with it.

Here is Tolle's proposal:

  Open yourself to what is.
  Take it in with your attention - the Now.
  Surrender to what IS at this moment.

If action is required, it will come out of the state of attention and awareness and whatever answer you seek will emerge in its most glorious presentation from your alignment and connection to "What Is".

Yet another brilliant example of how our connection with Life blesses, affirms and sustains us on our Divine Journey!

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  1. love this! would it be possible to re-publish this on www.glad.is? (all credit going to you of course!) and I might need to trim the word count slightly....