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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


One of the really fun ways to discover the delightful individuals who have learned to embrace ALL of life's offerings... including the unexpected, confusing and difficult... is by their use of their special brand of CODE WORDS.

On some soul level they all seem to have agreed on these words (and the meaning behind them).

What some people might label as terribly upsetting this beautiful bevy of souls will call "interesting".  Often you will hear them describe troubling times as "all kinds of fun".   And trauma to these individuals gets translated into "a challenge " or "an opportunity".

Not only have they learned the wisdom of what The Divine Universe is ultimately teaching them...somewhere along the way they have swept that wisdom into their positive, upbeat (and often humorous) approach to life.

Every time I encounter one of this wonderful group of individuals I leave the moment with the beautiful vibration of their wisdom and courage and I feel INSPIRED to follow their path.

Have you encountered any of these earth angels and been positively affected by their beautiful attitude about life?


If you're watching them...chances are someone's watching you.

What Code Words do you use?

image from pakmanzil.com

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  1. Marie - you are definitely one of my earth angels! I am trying hard to be a better person by following your shared wisdom!