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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Soul's Odyssey

In the springtime go out and observe the blossoms on the fruit tree.  The blossoms vanish of themselves as the fruit grows.

Swami Vivekananda

Dr. Wayne Dyer, inspirational author and lecturer, recently presented the quotation above to his audience  in a  PBS presentation entitled Wishes Fulfilled.  The image evoked  in this quotation so carefully selected by Dr. Dyer  presents us with the lesson of the beauty and grace of transformation...and  it is nature who serves as our teacher..the lovely fruit blossom unpretentiously and naturally ascending into a higher version of itself.

As Dr. Dyer points out, within this metaphor we can find the inspiration for our own transcendence.   Our lower self vanishes as the Divine grows within us.

It is natural for us to evolve in this way.  

It is admittedly a challenging road we travel through life filled with experiences that try and tire us...for as long as we feel alone and separate from each other.

But when we recognize our place in the tree of life and understand our interconnectedness with every other blossom...each with its own "blossoming" story... we happily embrace this GIFT and experience a  spiritual surrendering to  the magnificent journey  designed to help us recognize the Divine within and ascend into our Higher Self, the fruit of the tree.

image from hennydonovanmotif.co.uk 

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