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Friday, March 2, 2012

Expansion: It's ALL Good.

The conscious mind is perceived to be the driving force of life, but it's been estimated to comprise only about 2 to 10 percent of our awareness.  The subconscious mind makes up the other 90 to 98 percent.

Dr.  Darren Weissman

Are you trying to wrestle  with your default behavior...the place you automatically go when you are irked or angry...fearful, hurt or depressed?

Perhaps you say or do things in the passion of the moment that are less than delightful behavior...possibly because of your conditioning and limited beliefs.

We can get really comfortable on that island where we isolate ourselves in order to placate our ego which has been injured in the perceived "assault".


But it isn't very long before we feel regretful of our reaction and wonder how we could have handled this better...with some objectivity and compassion and even some graciousness.

Dr. Weissman points out that it is the (90 to 98 percent) subconscious that is driving the default behavior...and that's a pretty big challenge to take on.

We need a plan to do something that ambitious...so here's a suggestion about how to get this adversary whipped into shape.

And it's going to take some really good practice because it is not the first thing we might think of doing when we are deep into distress.

However, if we have a clear intention and are willing to make a commitment, we can do some taming of our ego and step up to a higher, life enhancing response.


And  here it is:

Take a cleansing, courage-fortifying deep breath and say aloud or to yourself:

I BLESS this moment as an opportunity to express love...
I  choose EXPANSION instead of contraction.


The really fascinating thing about this statement is that the moment we utter these words  authentically, directly from our heart  we get a very clear picture of how to achieve expansion.

It's as if the ANGELS have just witnessed our
intention and are now rushing in to help us make this happen.


So just what does EXPANSION look like?

For one thing,
We could become a witness to our own behavior, showing us that our true mission control  is outside of our earthly self.

For another,
We could  send ourselves a boatload of love and compassion for the difficult moments we are enduring.

We could open our hearts to what others involved in this moment with us are experiencing or what stresses may be weighing on them.

We could sit quietly and move into a state of complete presence,  listen to what our body is telling us and stay attentive to it until it settles into a state of release.

To quote a popular and positive phrase...It's All Good.

Anything that follows this loving intention  courageously expressed is good...and will bring good to ourselves,,,and others.

The very best part of the "good" is our joyful heart because we handled a distressful moment with loving elegance and peace.

It's a new way of responding and may seem strange at first, but practice this enough and it will begin to feel like a natural path to follow in moments of distress.

Here's your reward for this diligence and discipline:


You are no longer the product of your old conditioning.

You have now created a brand new picture of yourself, remaking your image and behavior into the gentle, loving, considerate person you aspire to be.


image from magickriver.org

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