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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Good Hearts Club


It is my belief that every one of us has a Good Heart

We are born that way.  

Some of us keep our heart  bright and buoyant throughout our lives, surviving many challenges and difficulties and quickly patching up any nicks and heart scrapes we suffer. 

Some of us, though, acquire a tarnish on our Good Heart. 

These individuals undergo some very heavy and disheartening experiences and get caught in the undertow. 

But the Good Heart they are born with is still there.   
        Under the tension and fear and pain. 

(Even if these persons are very frustrated and angry, their emotions and behavior are just a cover up for their fear.)

Which brings me to the subject of this blog post... 

The Good Hearts Club.

I believe that every one of us is a member of this club.  

Some members are easier to identify because they are often found  spreading sunshine and doing good deeds and, when necessary, mending the heart tears they may experience.

But those who sustain UNHEALED heart tears...tears that need attention...tears that need to be looked after...also still carry that  beautiful Good Heart inside them.

Only it's tired and maybe sad from all the hurt.  
They just need to be reminded gently and possibly often that others see that their Good Heart is still there. 

Club members already sitting in the sunshine can easily find these hiding hearts.    

They can find them by connecting with the intention of a person and not merely his behavior.   They can find them by remembering that underneath all of the drama of life there is always a person just wanting to be acknowledged, listened to and loved.  

And, when they do find these hiding hearts, they can access them immediately by offering unconditional caring.

This special attention given freely and generously to fellow earth dwellers is a signature gift of  The Good Hearts Club and a beautiful expression of LOVE.

Are you someone who keeps your heart bright and buoyant?
Is there some sunshine you are just waiting to spread?

image from glitters123.com

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