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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tea by Special Invitation Only

We design our lives by making conscious choices. 

If we do not purposefully choose the direction in which we wish to go...the body will react to whatever emotions we are experiencing. 

And,  if those emotions are fear-based or anxiety-ridden, that is what the body will express.

We CAN, however, bypass this avenue of default by choosing to keep our bodies in a state of  bliss.  if we engage in something that is truly joyful to us and we sustain that state of being...the body will do its healing work, undeterred by emotional obstacles.

And to help us stay continually in that beautiful place of bliss we can allow Higher Self to take over the Heavy Lifting.  

We do not need to know or understand what is needed for our greatest good.  All that we have to do is express that intention with the knowingness that  the Divine Universe will guide us to the most perfect way to achieve our goal.

If we find ourselves experiencing the lower energies of fear, anger, judgment or self-doubt we can respond by acknowledging their presence, thanking  them for visiting and informing them that they will NOT be having tea with us today
so they either have to transform themselves to a higher vibration or leave the premises.

Remember, this is our territory and WE get to decide which vibrations visit and which get to stay.

We need to do whatever it takes to place and keep ourselves in the exquisite state of joyful flow...

listen to enchanting music, 
read beautiful words,
drink in nature's glorious offerings

...do whatever produces this bliss for us 
and we will present our body with the perfect state for healing and rejuvenation.

What a Beautiful Opportunity to direct our energy flow for the purpose of achieving radiant health!

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  1. How easy it is to slip into a "blue funk" when things are not going our way. Now there is a definitive way to sidestep that mood and move on to a better atmosphere of our own choosing. There IS a answer to those "down" moments. The reply to my favorite question "Who's in charge?" is WE ARE! We choose those we wish to have tea with....WOW!

  2. This is such a powerful tool! And such an important principle, that WE choose what we're going to vibrate with. Thank you, Marie. I had just hit an emotional obstacle, one hurled at me unexpectedly, and it was threatening my entire work day because it caught me off guard. Then I glanced down at my other email messages and there was this!!!! You came to my rescue at just the right moment!!! Thank you thank you thank you --