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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Releasing the Past: Emerging from the Chrysalis

TAKE a slow, deliberate deep breath.  

INHALE the universal life force waiting to give you its strength and power. 

EMBRACE its quiet wisdom.   

Now slowly EXHALE and BREATHE OUT ALL of the burdens of your past.

Do you feel lighterFreerMore able to move forwardUnencumbered?

With this one powerful, significant INTENTION  you can make the choice to leave behind this OBSTACLE which is depleting your energy from living fully  in THIS MOMENT

How does it feel to be able to truly embrace your life as it is today...with openness and curiosity and delight? 

How does it feel to begin each moment with a new wonder...with the incredible joy of knowing new discoveries are waiting for you on the horizon and there are no issues to burden you with the weight of regret?


This magnificent state of incredible lightness is exactly what the Divine Universe makes available to us.  

It is available because THIS is the way that we move forward in our journey...with no stumbling blocks, judgments or regrets.  

It is available because LOVE  is authoring it...as it authors all things.  

LOVE understands, honors, waits patiently, provides, stands by.

LOVE knows us and the immense challenges of our journey. 

LOVE knows how we learn, through choices and consequences and 

LOVE applauds our courage to experience.  

LOVE wants us to keep experiencing freely and with joy...and without the weight of the past pressing on our metaphorical and literal shoulders and back.

LOVE wants us to be free...to fly free...to keep learning...to keep releasing the past so that we can fully BE in this moment.


We have to travel light...without the EXTRA BAGGAGE.

It slows us down.  It blocks the path...and it is  e x h a u st i n g.  

There is no need to carry the baggage; we can release it as soon as it appears because it is ONLY the trail of yet one more earthly encounter.


We can traverse our lives beautifully by carrying only our free, light, loving hearts and by keeping our eyes wide-open in joy and wonder as the miraculous universe who LOVES us so deeply manifests itself to us.


image from newmoonjournal.blogs.com

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