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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Divine Matrix*

How beautiful it is to feel CONNECTED to someone we hold dear!  

How wonderful to know that we are understood and embraced and that we hold that same sense of knowingness of and caring for our beloved.

This is one of the greatest gifts we can experience in our earthly life.   But...can you imagine what it would be like to be connected to EVERYONE and EVERYTHING!

That is exactly how Gregg Braden describes The Divine Matrix...the place of pure energy that connects everything and everyone that is.  And we are a part of that Matrix...along with the rest of existence.

To me THE DIVINE MATRIX is an empowering
web of love.  It is soft but also strong.  it moves and and breathes with us.  It responds to our desires and needs.  It  CONNECTS us...every one...with each other.

It may seem extremely difficult to imagine the workings of such an immense
Instrument of Intelligence

Consider, though, the miraculous process of how a baby grows in the womb...or how it develops after birth according to an intuitive life plan.

So beautiful...so amazing...so mysterious that we are left in awe of this magnificently orchestrated symphony.   

The miracle of birth and growth is but one illustration of the Divine Power  which informs, designs and sustains the Divine Matrix.
Within the last several days I have intuitively felt  the Presence of the Divine Matrix  And it was hiding in plain sight.  Right on my blog.

Currently, there have been seventy-nine countries which  have had someone visit this blog.  And only a few days ago did I realize the messages that were being beamed back to me from those countries through the blog's logistics.
On the right hand side of the blog there is a listing of the most popular blog posts.  This listing is being continuously updated and reflects what people are being drawn to read in that moment. 

I now believe it also reflects something more.  

I believe it reflects how we are ALL connected through LOVE and CARING with each other and that the blog posts people are choosing to read are ALSO their response to what is needed in my life in each moment. 

I came upon this discovery when I noticed blogs from several months ago were on the current list of what is most popular.    Curious, I went back to those blogs and reread them and astoundingly found that they contained the messages I needed to see at that moment. 

And I am talking some very big insights here...insights that I was currently lacking and in dire need of and reminders that were important for me to hear.
It seemed to me that the blogs on this list not only told me what people were finding important to them...they were also telling me what was important for me.  They were ministering to my needs.  

Somehow people were sensing my needs and feeling my moments of distress.  And the blog posts they were selecting felt (and feel) like messages of love and caring.  It is as if on some deep level we are all working together.

We are not alone.
What a beautiful illustration of this truth!

I am so grateful for The Divine Matrix and  your place
in this awesome, life-giving, universal village.

Because you are reading my blog  I feel a connection with you..and I thank you for your generous caring.

*Title from The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden

image from artsandcraftsnsw.com.au

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