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Friday, October 28, 2011

"Light" Switch

If you find that waiting for people to adopt "your" way of doing things is a fruitless endeavor...here's something new to try. 

Study THEIR  process.

This is a really  interesting way to get into the flow. 

Instead of waiting for people to "finally" see your light...

See what makes their eyes brighten and shows off their dimples. 
And, while you are at it, keep an eye out for their hot spots and triggers.

If you can OBSERVE PATTERNS in their behavior,  you'll get a glimpse of their priorities and their issues...what they hold dear and what gives them distress.

When you can view their actions OBJECTIVELY (after all...you ARE making a study), they suddenly become fun to watch.  

And...you will get a better handle on how to interact with them most successfully.

The really wonderful thing about this new habit you're cultivating is that it takes you out of your preoccupation with having everything unfold your way and it broadens your perspective about how things can be accomplished.

This practice also has the potential to develop your sense of empathy and compassion

What a generous and considerate person you've now become by seeing how you can fit into someone else's life instead of trying to make him fit into yours!

image from abirdersnotebook.wordpress.com


  1. It is often said that we should "put ourselves in other peoples shoes". This blog gives us a blueprint on how to do just that. It also has the added, personal benefit that we are learning how to understand and react in ways different than our own. That can also be called "broadening our horizons" in a new and fascinating way. Worth a try, for sure!

  2. I found this very helpful and wise.