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Monday, October 10, 2011

The Signature Gift

Of all the earth-lessons waiting for our attention, there is one that is extremely crucial to our development.  

This lesson is learning how to listen to and trust ourselves
  ....and, equally important, believing that we have the right to do this.  

This ability is, in fact, not only an honor, it is also a NECESSITY for navigating our earth-life adventures.

If we do not master this lesson we spend untold amounts of energy looking OUTSIDE ourselves for guidance...and we fall prey to the false beliefs of community and culture  that we alone are not sufficiently equipped to perform this task.  

We begin listening to the prevalent beliefs of society telling us that  

more is better...

status and money are to be desired...

revenge is understandable (after all, we have been hurt...now it's someone else's turn to feel the pain). 

All of these mores lead us AWAY from a beautiful and fulfilling
life and make us victims of mass consciousness.

Left alone to our own resources...our hearts would fill with joy the way we see children doing when they are exploring and discovering new adventures in life. 

Left alone to our own resources...without the whispers (and even shouts) of popular trends... we would find deep joy in our connection with nature and with the persons populating our life.  

Most importantly, left alone to pursue our own dreams (and not the dreams of others) we would spend our lives in joyful pursuits.

There is nothing...NOTHING...as important as the path in life we choose to follow

Is it a path which truly represents our deepest longings?  Or is it a path that reflects what is expected of us...a path which satisfies the needs of others  but denies our own heart?

We have the honor, the privilege and the right to look to ourselves for our answers. 

We are exquisitely equipped to do this.

Listen to the body and you will clearly hear what it wants and needs...from the food and drink it wants to sustain itself to the places it wants to go and the people it wants to engage with.

The lesson here is SIMPLE and PROFOUND...but also difficult and challenging

Overriding the body's signals can become a habit that is hard to break.   And there is a price on this behavior.  Ignoring the nutritional needs of the body and failing to acknowledge and to express our true emotions can create toxicity and contribute to illness.


Our journey through earth-life is truly the challenge of RE-MEMBERING the gift we have been given. 

Open that gift...notice the bright,  resplendent colors of the wrapping and the Divinely love-laced bow waiting to attract our attention.


Have the most wonderful celebration with yourself because you have discovered THE SIGNATURE GIFT which has been waiting for you all of your life. 

And please do all that you can to help others make this discovery, especially in the sacred trust of how we raise our children.

image from Dream-Wallpaper.com

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