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Monday, September 26, 2011

Bridge to the Universe

Today the new automobiles being designed have STATE-OF-THE-ART mechanisms to guide and protect us and preserve the life of the vehicle. 

If you are feeling warm, there's the luxurious air conditioning; if cold, you can turn up the heat...and to exactly the temperature you desire. 

Would you like your driver's seat warmed...no problem.  

Are your windows fogged or icy...not to worry.  

Confused about directions...your GPS will help you out here.  

There are even some luxury automobiles that instinctively know when you should stop...even if you missed the signals...and will do it for you.

If you owned one of these beauties would you even consider NOT using these exquisitely designed instruments? 

Would you fail to get your vehicle checked over periodically and not promptly attend to any irregularities that are presenting themselves for your attention?

I'm betting you would take EXQUISITE care of this special property. 

Not only would you use the wide array of functions available for your comfort and care, you would enjoy doing so and consider yourself uber-fortunate to be the owner of this treasure.

Why is it that we would most probably use these spectacular features and take such special care and give such great attention to an item of property we own...

and yet perhaps fail to do so with the greatest instrument ever designed...OUR  BODIES?

So easy, isn't it, to take them for granted.
And yet, they are super strong, resilient and even self-healing IF we take the time to pay heed to their messages.

Our automobiles will register problems in the word messages that appear in front of the driver:  Low Oil, Low Fuel, Maintenance Required.  They are easy to read and notice.

With our bodies, we may need to tune in to some  subtle  cues. 

If we find ourselves  grumpy or out of sorts, we may be in need of some more rest...or we may be out of balance (too much of one thing...work, play, overindulgence, etc.).

Or...we may not be taking the time we need for relaxation and reflection...always leaving those items on the list of NO TIME - SORRY!

If we keep short-changing  ourselves on this one, the quality of our work and relationships will suffer and our joyfulness factor will zoom downward.

Those  PLEASE ATTEND TO THIS  PROBLEM messages from our body might keep appearing with regularity and with just as much non-attention, we may keep ignoring them...until  KERPLUNK...we land in a disaster of our own making.  (The writing was on the wall, but we were too busy to notice.)

Perhaps we are only now learning HOW MUCH HELP the body can really give us...for example, energy testing our food and drink before we consume it to see if it is a good match for us.   

This can easily be done by standing near a kitchen counter.  Hold a can of soup in one hand.  Extend that arm straight out to the side, perpendicular to your body.  As you slowly raise and lower the arm notice how much stress you feel.  Now, repeat this exercise but this time use your other hand to hold the food/drink you are considering consuming next to your chest. You will be able to tell if your body does NOT like this choice of food or drink because the arm you are moving up and down will feel heavier.

Quite a remarkable system...and this is perhaps only the smallest glimpse of what the body can do for us...tell us...help us with.

Here is a message from Meredith Murphy highlighting the amazing abilities of this exquisite instrument:

Our body is our BRIDGE TO THE UNIVERSE.  

It is infinitely wise and continually renewed and expanded.  As we listen to our body more and more we are led from the aliveness that exists in each cell-fully informed of our future unfolding and able to guide us in all things.  Take something you're not sure about, and reflect on the options while feeling your body.  Your body sensations will give you a sense of the electromagnetic resonance of each option with the leading edge of you. 

(Life at the Ideafrontier, Expect Wonderful) 

It appears we are still in the process of discovering the remarkable and astounding abilities of our bodies to guide and lead us forward into a radiant, happy and joyful life...to tap into the universal intelligence of the Divine Universe.

No saving up for this one.  No payment plan.  No taxes or interest.

We already OWN this fabulous possession.    Do we recognize it for the gift that it clearly is?

image from beyond-the-law-of-attraction.org

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  1. Thanks for these verses, and they are very meaningful. I love the ending when you talk about that our Body is our Bridge to the Universe. Very well said.

    Ruth McClure