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Friday, September 9, 2011

Lifting the Veil

It has dawned on me that we may be missing the evidence of genius in others because of the stories we tell ourselves.

These stories seem to revolve around the personal projections and expectations of what we want from others.

If we could move past these very subjective ego needs and our reactions to not receiving them...if we can get out of our own way and can see with a clear, unencumbered view...

these pictures would reveal some very beautiful talents and abilities.  

Though these discoveries of ours may not fit the traditional definition of genius, I am choosing to use that word because the amazing abilities I see emerging appear to be a Divine offering...an example of some qualities WE NEED to introduce into our life.

The genius here is undoubtedly Divine in nature because we are being gifted with some beautiful examples for our own edification.  

To access these examples we need a clear and objective view unimpeded by our own expectations and reactions... 
and, if we can arrive at this point, what beautiful information we would discover...

what  GLORIOUS ROLE MODELS await us...all arranged by the Divine Universe watching over us, loving us, protecting us.

One more example of the unending love expressed to us so creatively by Divine Wisdom!

Can we LIFT THE VEIL of our personal expectations to unwrap the gifts so gloriously presented to us by the persons who populate our lives?

image from petexryan.blogspot.com

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