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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Messenger Does Not Rest

Can you imagine for a moment the existence of the most determined, dedicated, conscientious  message delivery system?

A system which NEVER fails to perform its appointed duty...

whose byword is The Messenger Does Not Rest Until the Message is Delivered...

That intricate, universally reliable message delivery system already exists...in the human body.  And we are in this moment in possession of this powerful instrument of operation

We are constantly receiving messages from the body, our home base, but often they do not register in our consciousness other than as the annoyance of a fly that needs to be waved away. 

We can easily miss the clues being telegraphed to us.  And that is because we are not AWARE of the glorious network of signals which are constantly in operation.

To pick up the signals, to hear the message takes a deep faith in the beautiful intent and design of our earth vessels and a persistent curiosity and desire to search out the meanings being transmitted to us.
If we are somewhat tuned in, we may at least be aware of the first level of communication...

we may have a sense that something does not feel right...we may experience an agitation, a fluttering, the start of a headache.

If we push past the signal, continuing on with whatever is preoccupying us, it will RETURN...most probably in a new and different disguise.  

It will be a little stronger...a little louder.  And if we fail to recognize its "tapping" because we have attached ourselves so fixedly to an ego need, we will be setting  ourselves up for a more intense, more distressing announcement.

We can choose NOT to answer the ringing of this bell but the visitor will not go away.  

Oh no, this visitor has a message to deliver despite the rain, sleet and snow of our distractions and he is not going ANYWHERE. 

The messenger is trying to get our attention...to deliver a message about something we need to recognize about ourselves...something which is not serving us well and which is contributing to the disintegration of our emotional and physical health.

NOW the messenger may become an illness or catastrophe - SOMETHING WE CANNOT IGNORE. And when this occurs, his duty is complete.  The message has been delivered.  Our personal radar is flashing warning signals.  And now we have to DEAL.

Our message delivery system honors what is true and real.  The body does not lie.  We can rationalize our way past this information but the body will not be fooled by this strategy and will persist in making contact.  Ultimately, we HAVE to recognize the message.

Here is the really wonderful thing about our message delivery system:

The message that is being delivered is there to HELP us...experience radiant health, rev up our energy, become centered and find peace.

The delivery of that message is a SPECIAL GIFT to help us achieve optimum health, joy and happiness.

If we pay close attention, we can more easily discern these special deliveries. 

Do you hear that tapping?  Is there a messenger knocking at your door?

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