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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Leaky Faucets and Flat Tires

Do you really know how POWERFUL
you are?

You are so POWERFUL that you can create a reflection of yourself in the environment surrounding you…and also in the persons who populate your life.

And, if you are looking, you can see “yourself” in whatever is going on around you.

Do you have car issues or a plumbing crisis? You are blocking something inside you and it is being manifested in your environment. It’s there as a gift. A knock, knock for you…just in case you have failed to notice what you are doing.

And if you find that the persons in your life are irritating you…knock, knock again. They represent something in yourself you have not dealt with.

It’s really a beautiful system…though it may seem like strange and radical thinking at first glance.

You are truly the playwright of playwrights, author of authors, star of stars…and you are creating and projecting the movie of your life for your own entertainment, education and enlightenment... everywhere around you.

What a majestic universe! What a magical production! That’s you and the story of your life!


  1. I find the idea of seeking the message when I am irritated by someone to be valuable.

  2. Nice message you got!