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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Why do people suddenly decide to do something different? And I mean in-a-big-way different.

Is it because someone told them it was a good idea? Is it because they were forced to take a different road? Is it because they heard or read about something new?

Ultimately, I think really big life transformative changes happen because people discover something for themselves.

And that's a very important word here...discover.

Somehow it has to be a personal AHA moment. It has to be information that has been put together in a new way...a way that makes sense to them and the process has been done BY them and not by anybody else.

We can plant seeds and water them. We can wish and hope that the sunshine makes them grow. But the real magic comes when someone "discovers" the concept for himself or, more specifically, how the concept can work in his life. That's when the idea takes root and blossoms.

It seems we have to discover life on our own terms...in our own way for it to have real meaning.

So how do we help the people we love to consider and think about new ideas that might make their lives more wonderful? We do this by shining our own light as brightly as we can. This high vibration will be noticed and, very possibly, people will want to join us there.

We also help by expressing our faith and confidence in people to navigate life on their own terms and to innately find within themselves the guidance and direction they may desire.

"I know you will have a good sense of how to work this out."
"The answer will come to you."
"Let me know if there is anything YOU would like me to do."

A constant and continuing faith and confidence will ALWAYS help people reach within themselves for the answer they are seeking...and Higher Self is always there waiting to be asked for assistance once we trust that we can do the work ourselves.

And when we do the work ourselves it has great meaning for us. We are invested. We have strengthened our belief that we can solve problems and keep looking for better ways of doing things.

And so if you want to make a difference in someone's life, help the person see how he can make a difference for himself!

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  1. This reminds me of the Biblical passage, "By their love you will know them." I think their is wisdom is letting others discover things for themselves. I'm sure this next reaction is coming from the writing I'm doing right now, but I think it is true that when people have to announce their power, authority, wisdom, etc., it reveals some lack of that very thing.