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Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Ultimate Debut

I love Irving Berlin's song, There's No Business Like Show Business and my greatest joy has recently become waking up in the morning and waiting for the SHOW to begin.

Several years of spiritual searching have taught me that the Divine Universe can’t wait to bring forth a parade of amazing SYNCHRONICITIES – beautiful messages supporting the hopes and dreams of my Higher Self.

Reflecting my intention and energy…
Inspiring me to make new connections…
Revealing me to myself…

Showing me the beauty that surrounds me…

Encouraging me to speak my truth…

Encouraging me to bless EVERYTHING…

and Teaching me how to change the STORY of my life.

As Neale Donald Walsch would phrase it, guiding me to the “next, grandest version of myself.”

On my way to this discovery I experienced a number of physical issues (messages) which served to convince me to release the fear response of endless attempts to find solutions to every problem and gratefully SURRENDER to Divine Guidance as my Source of Light and Love.

And to understand that all lessons are gifts. Every experience is meant to teach us something.

Once we grasp the lesson, we come closer to knowing our true selves.

When the intellect connects with the heart and we learn to listen to and honor our bodies and the still, silent voice inside us, we can find the lesson in EVERYTHING. We know that we are gifted with all that is necessary to accomplish this.

Mystic Marks
represents the search to find my Dharma…to find what I Love to do…what brings me into Flow…and to Share with others what has brought me Peace.

from Marie's Journey

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