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Monday, July 4, 2011

The Pony Express Revisited

We've come a long, long way from the days of THE PONY EXPRESS where horse and rider were THE responsible parties for delivering a message which could take days and maybe weeks to reach its destination...

all the way to our daily experience of using the magnificent internet linking us with the world the minute we sit down and touch the keyboard of our computers.

That’s the progress of civilization. It’s astounding and mind-bending… and we have been very blessed to live through so many technological advances.

It’s also interesting to see how we’ve all grown
spiritually…how we have come to listening to not only what is being told to us by the media and the thoughts and ideas of others but also to what is in our hearts.

The new dimension to which the earth is moving is heart centered and we are experiencing the transition more and more strongly by becoming connected with our own pony express system.

Spiritual galloping is instantaneous. Heart messages can be delivered by a comment we overhear from someone nearby, from the page we happened to turn to when we pick up a book to read, from the words of a character speaking in a television program or even from the thoughts which flow so freely through us.

It’s a matter of tuning in, turning on the messages that surround us and trusting that they come from our Higher Self.

When we accept that we do not have to solve our own problems (and experience the distress that might occur when our solutions do not work)
when we realize that All that we need to do is have the intent to address an issue in a loving, caring manner…the only thing left to do is LISTEN to whatever avenue is bringing us the information, advice, guidance we desire.

Sometimes we miss this opportunity because what we see or hear is not what we were expecting. Not to worry, though…it’s just the beautiful system of Higher Self having a bigger, better idea of how to bring our heart’s desire into fruition.

Giving yourself over to this lovely way of living feels like going on a vacation from being the person who has to figure everything out and decide what is the right thing to do.

Once you have developed this trust in Higher Self, you can let it do what Lola Jones calls the Heavy Lifting.

Pony express illustration courtesy of Pleasure Gait Farms

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