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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Search for Beauty

The eye and the heart of the beholder…

the site from which beauty is perceived.

When we are in this wondrous state EVERYWHERE we look we find beauty.

There is beauty in the gentle breeze created by the circular fan sitting on my desktop while I work.

There is beauty in the strawberries and their cousin blueberries having a whispered conversation about the mother melon ruling so proudly on the plate on which they rest.

There is beauty in the memory/dream of a long lost cousin who died at the early age of forty at his Panama Canal home and in the energy of the dream in which we caught up on the years of moments which have made up our lives.

There is beauty in hearing Il Divo singing Hallelujah, the composition I always listen to when I am writing for my blog.

There is beauty in the message in my email from Owen Waters, author of The Shift, who talks about attuning our inner being to the Universe, and thereby receiving (in perfect time) all of the support we need to accomplish our dreams.

There is beauty in the leaves outside my window, resting so still now when yesterday they were delightedly laughing at my silliness.

There is beauty outside in the stately, wise tree waiting for its daily embrace from me.

There is beauty in my heart which feels great joy in sharing myself through my writing.

I am filled with this precious moment. It is enough. It is EVERYTHING.

If you were to look around you with curious eyes and a gentle, soft heart… where would you find your sites of beauty?

Image from dreamstime

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