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Saturday, July 2, 2011

In This World But Not Of It

Let's take a quiet moment and shine a spotlight on a creature which so beautifully represents the movement in life of our Spirit Self.

Imagine a fawn, gently wandering through the woodland...observing the many animals bustling through the forest... birds and insects flitting about, flowers blossoming into the sun and tucking themselves back into their stalks at night.

When humans enter the forest our fawn notes the activity going on noisily around him and removes himself from the action.

Within the drama of this woodland scene the fawn retreats quietly in innocence, guided by his own sure instincts.

Like the fawn...

We, too, can be in this world, but not of it.

With a really strong sense of who we are and what we value it is possible to hold our center in the midst of all that is circling around us.

We can notice the drama...view it through our soul eyes...respond to it with love and compassion but still be untouched by it.

This is because we can have a knowingness that everyone is journeying through his life path, learning to unravel earthbound cares on the way to becoming his Spirit self and, on this journey, there is much emotion.

Like the fawn gently watching the woodland scene, we can observe these moments of tension and crises with mindfulness and caring and love from our center...not needing to enter the fray...already fully engaged in the space within us...watching and blessing every living thing around us.

How lovely to be in this place of peace...a new dimension. How wonderful to bring our quiet support to others without engaging in the drama of their stories.

THIS is freedom from the cares of the world...a declaration of OUR independence...a celebration of the most beautiful spiritual significance...a step closer to becoming WHO WE TRULY ARE!

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  1. I love this! You used a great metaphor--it really makes your point.