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Friday, July 29, 2011

Solve the Mystery

Whenever we are experiencing a PROBLEM with someone...we are annoyed or bothered or hurt by their behavior, the solution is...

NOT to tell our companion they messed up...
NOT to stomp off in a huff...and
NOT to throw our hands into the air with the tempting I GIVE UP signal
(dramatically satisfying though that may be).

Nope. The answer is MUCH SIMPLER and MUCH HARDER to do.

The answer is WE DO OUR WORK.

And here's why.

The people around us might look like key players but the truth is they are just the messengers (as the Language of Light Glossary tells us)....and remember the saying about don't shoot the messenger.

That Glossary reveals It's Never About The Other.

The message others are delivering is for us. It is a reflection of us.

It is telling us something about ourselves..something we are perhaps not recognizing.

And figuring out what the message actually is can be kind of fun...like doing a puzzle...or solving a mystery. Those messages can be very creative...what looks like it is wrong with someone else is really telling us to see how WE are exhibiting that same behavior in our life.

And best of all, when we do our work...figuring out the message and taking steps to change the behavior, those "pesky" people magically change their ways. They don't have to show us the picture any more because...we figured it out for ourselves.

Good work, Sherlock!

image courtesy of free-retro-graphics.com


  1. Good advice that can make our lives happier!

  2. Can't wait to become Sherlock! It is hard to admit that our faults turn up in others, but once we do, the beginning work is done. Our personal issues are right there in front of us. Now we can get to work to figure out the answers. I love it!