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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Adjust Your Sails

A wise sailor holds an awareness of every element that is affecting his journey and he navigates his vessel accordingly. 

 He knows that if he wants his voyage to be smooth and efficient he will need to pay attention...to respect and honor...every circumstance of his environment.

Just imagine, for example, what would happen if he took to the sea and set sail on his own course, disregarding the winds and currents around him.  Chaos would ensue...he might encounter unexpected storms or turbulence...and possibly even experience a shipwreck.

And that is why a wise and knowledgeable seaman will be completely aware of his environment and will adjust his sails accordingly.

There is a lesson to be learned from this sage sailor.

Sometimes we set our course and plunge ahead with enthusiasm, fervor and, unfortunately, a huge set of blinders.  We march to our own drummer and are so rapt up in our journey, that we fail to notice that everyone is making his own music. 

This great variety of musical compositions can be coaxed into a beautiful song with some conscious attention and awareness

Let's take this down to terms of HUMAN INTERACTION

If we are interacting with a die hard humorist, we are not going to make great progress if all we do is make serious statements. 

If we are speaking to a gentle-hearted soul, we will surely encounter difficulty if our words tumble out in erratic cacophony.

If we are speaking to a no nonsense bottom-liner, our efforts at presenting elaborate examples will not be appreciated.

However, if we invest our energy in knowing our audience and appreciating the chemistry and propensities of each participant, we can ADJUST OUR SAILS to the human  variables of this interpersonal weather. 

I have found the payoff to this approach to be mind blowing

When we "pay the price of admission" regarding what is close and what is dear to someone's heart and, thereby, help them into a space of comfort and ease...that individual is poised and ready and open to considering whatever message we wish to deliver.

All sea winds and currents are navigable when we are willing to honor their energies.

image from blog.craftycutie.com.    

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