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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Listen for the Feelings!

Society often considers 
multi-tasking a noteworthy accomplishment. 

  "Look at all the things she can do, " we exclaim admiringly at an individual who has perfected this skill and wonder how we could ever juggle that list of must-do items in one day.  

No, for some of us, things take longer.
Perhaps we pay very close attention to where we are.  And it isn't just our tasks and chores that totally engage us...conversations, in particular, often take longer than we might have anticipated.  Sometimes we are looking for just a yes or no answer from someone to one of our questions but those simple words may have a bevy of emotions attached to them.  And concerns and feelings which initially seem simple often tumble into new layers of revelation as we turn our full attention to the speaker, offering safety, caring and compassion.

If you are an individual who is able to take in the "layers" that reveal themselves as a conversation unfolds, kudos to you because you are someone who can LISTEN FOR THE FEELINGS.  Someone who can appreciate the authenticity coming your way.  Someone who can be totally present...without expectation...and open to whatever is presenting itself in that moment,  And yes, it is not the skill of multi-tasking...but it is much, much more.  It is "holding space" for the human heart.  Being patiently there while the "message" finds its way to self expression.  It is a beautiful gift of self...a gift of love.  PRESENCE  

When we choose to step up and "listen for the feelings" when someone engages our attention, it will undoubtedly be an investment of our time and energy. But the reward is an even closer connection to the individual with whom we are interacting and an amazing opportunity to expand the corridors of our own hearts!

                Marie Helena  

image from mindfullyartistic.wordpress.

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