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Saturday, March 26, 2016


A beautiful, soft, delicate feather falls gently near you or lands perhaps on your shoulder. You notice it from the corner of your eye.  A sweet curiosity.  Within seconds, you brush it away and move on to the events of your day. But...have you missed an important message?

Perhaps that simple, sweet feather (metaphorically speaking) has been sent to catch your attention and bring your awareness to a message meant to Light Your Way. 
But, because you are so attached to your list of things you feel you should attend to, you fail to recognize its significance.

This "feather" may be the lyrics of a song you are listening to, a remark you happen to overhear while you are shopping, an inspiration which suddenly springs into your heart. 
The "feather" could be any number of seemingly insignificant moments, but, if you ignore or override the message or inspiring impulse because you are preoccupied with lists which have been assembled for you by the expectations of society or through your enculturation, you will miss the MESSAGE of this moment.  But you will not be abandoned by the loving Divine Universe.  It will persist in helping you become aware of the guidance so readily available from your Higher Self.  Feathers will continue to drift into your life.

Esther Hicks, American inspirational speaker and author, tells us that our lives are teeming with these gentle and often subtle hints and nudges but that we often fail to recognize them. 
Indeed, their  very existence is a glorious mystery. 

What could source such a delicate, ethereal, gossamer labyrinth connecting each of us with the exact messages we need to hear and interlacing them with the events going on in our lives and the people we are encountering?


We live in a universe of love and it is enveloping each of us in every moment whether we are aware of this or not. 

We are free to act however we choose, noticing these moments of Grace...or not.  

But...when we do become aware of the awesome devotion of the Divine Universe to enhance our well being and we become attentive to the guidance streaming so creatively into our lives, our journey becomes a joyful "listening" to the messages circling so fervently around and within our hearts.    

                                                                Marie Helena

image from kristaclement@prosite.com

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