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Monday, June 11, 2018

Inside Out*

Inside Out is a delightful and thought provoking animated movie about the range of emotions that inhabit our control center.  Joy, Fear, Anger, Sadness are prominently featured in the starting lineup . But it is eye opening to see how many of these adorable animated creatures actually line the corridors of our psyche. 

 Some of them are expected tenants of our subconscious. Some of them are surprising visitors we thought had exited our life story long ago.  All of them feel authentic and relatable.  It is easy to identify with them and feel compassion for their plight.  And, perhaps, that is the greatest gift of this motley crew.  We cannot help but embrace and enjoy them, be amused by them and comfort and console them...a reminder that we must also give that loving warmth and acceptance and consolation to ourselves.

Watching Inside Out has made it easier for me to recognize the subconscious stars of my own movie.  Where I might previously have become bewildered and annoyed at the unanticipated appearance of some old, bothersome energy that had not received its full attention and release from me, now I rather quickly envision a colorful character for this moment and give it free rein to express whatever it is feeling.  Whatever this might bring...sadness, tears, even jumping up and down in anger.

I find this practice very healing.  Like exhaling and taking a relaxed, soothing, long, deep breath.  And amusing, too, as my animated character expresses all of the emotions trying so hard to be released.  With passion and power.  She is adorable.  I send her love.  When her story is fully heard, she settles down and, after a while, sighs and relaxes.  This is where some other character who populates the scene comes forth to gently introduce a new perspective...and it is received and considered by her because she feels the love and caring.  

What a brilliant approach this movie gives us for dealing with our difficult moments with creativity and delight and so much fun.  By choosing to give a voice to whatever energy we are harboring, we become the inspired director who finds the perfect space for all of the vibrant characters waiting off stage to have their moment, moving them from the inside out into the Light.

                                                                               Marie Helena

image from pinterest 

*Inside Out is a 2015 American 3D computer-animated comedy-drama film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and 
  released by Walt Disney Pictures. 

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