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Saturday, July 6, 2019


Any habit needs all its parts in order to function. If some parts are missing, the habit is disassembled. 

                          Carlos Castaneda

Mountains are so difficult to climb.  And yet we line our imaginary landscape with images of ALL of the momentous (and mountainous) changes we are going to make in our lives.  And it feels virtuous to conceive of such worthy undertakings.  Virtuous...and exhausting.  So exhausting we may never even get started.

I love Carlos Castenada’s solution.  It’s simple and realistic...and encouraging.

Break the stronghold of an addictive practice by changing one thing.  ONE thing.  Can you flex that much?  I’m betting YES and, if you do, you get an influx of dopamine as you celebrate loosening the anchor that’s been sapping your emotional and physical energy.

It feels really good to take action.  And, if the action you take is a creative experiment to possibly prove Castenada’s theory to yourself, you become a practicing social scientist with the possibility of gaining important information about how to change and improve your life. 

There is an exciting energy at work here. 

Take charge. 

Change your story by changing its details. 

Then watch how things rearrange themselves when you uproot an essential element.  

ENJOY the rollout of how the carefully orchestrated habit starts to unravel when you choose to loosen the strings.

This could prove to be life-changing, initiating a new practice that is easy enough to do and important enough to shake up old ways and trade them in for more creative and satisfying possibilities.  

ONE thing.  A three second decision. GO.

                                                                                                        Marie Helena

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No Thinking Only Daydreaming
Shell  Rummel

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