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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Best Friend Forever

 Sometimes it's easy to feel  alone.  Especially when we are going through a difficult time and can't see our way through to the sunshine.  By ourselves...that is.

But one quick connection can change all of that.  And that would be a direct connect with our Higher Self, truly our BFF  (Best Friend Forever).
When we feel lost in our distress and do not think we have the insight nor the energy to pull ourselves through the black cloud...we just need to call in our back-up system and here's how we do it.

We become the OBSERVER of ourself. 

And who is it that is doing the watching? 

Our  Best Friend...Higher Self.

And this Best Friend  is filled with love and compassion for our difficulty but also (and this is the really wonderful part) this  Friend has objectivity.  This  Friend  lets us know that it is OK if we do not have an objective view at this time.  Our BFF will do it for us and will gift us with insights about how to proceed.

How cool is that!  

We get compassion and empathy AND some wonderful guidance from a Friend that really loves and cares about us.

What a great arrangement...and all we need to do is tap in!

Who knew we could carry our BFF right in the middle of our hearts!

image from graphicshunt.com

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