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Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Companion

What if you had a COMPANION in your life who walked beside you on every path you chose to take... 

including the wild and wonderful rides AND all of the thorny obstacles you encountered?

And what if this companion felt your pain right along with you as you suffered and inspired you to be your authentic self...

real, open, transparent...

accepting and expressing  your frustration,  fear,  anger, helplessness and giving yourself compassion for the work of your journey? 

What if this companion loved you through all of the scrapes you found yourself falling into, embracing your humanity as you navigate the lessons of earth school and encouraging you and cheering you on as you chose to become the Next, Grandest Version of Yourself?

This companion is already here...in your life.  This companion willingly takes on your challenges, your burdens, your pain. It walks through life with you, navigating EVERY SINGLE THING you encounter. 

This COMPANION is your soul...a beautiful bridge between Spirit and the physical realities of earth school.  And it exists to accompany you through your journey.

As we immerse ourselves in learning the lessons we have chosen, we must be open to inquiry and exploration.  A great many OBSTACLES must be addressed and dealt with...they must be recognized, acknowledged, accepted for the wisdom they represent and released.

This is no simple task and we are to be commended for our courage in taking this on.   But we are not without sustenance and support.


The friend who walks with us...always...is our soul...the companion who takes on our physical journey in life, a gift we are given to support, encourage, soothe and ease our hearts while we confront the weighty challenges of earth school.


With the inspiration of our most awesome companion, the soul,
let us HONOR every experience we encounter in earth school AND our reactions to them (whatever they may be) as we move through the adventures of life celebrating our humanity and the glorious impulse to evolve.

image from crystalinks.com

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