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Friday, August 17, 2012

The Sunshine of the Moment

Much has been written about the importance of feeling and releasing our emotions and the shedding of tears is a primary example of this process.

When we CRY the body allows our emotions (our response to life) to move through us and find expression.


In many cultures tears shed by women are easily accepted as being intrinsic to their nature.  But not all women cry easily and many men not at all...or very rarely..because of the constraints of their culture.  But the need to "cry" (read express emotions) remains and this longing yearns to be addressed.

And perhaps those of us who are not comfortable with "crying" in the traditional sense find other creative ways of discharging the "tears" of the emotions that build inside of us...

For example, when we sigh audibly or tap our foot impatiently...when we fail to listen with full attention and interrupt others to have our say or express ourselves in less than elegant language... or perhaps it's when we are so angry we kick the wall or walk out in the middle of an encounter...or choose to "sleep" it off...whatever it may be.  


Perhaps the most important thing about our awareness of the different forms of "crying"  has to do with the actions of others. 

If we do not recognize the "tears" being expressed in these moments it is easy to internalize the behavior as coming "at us" and totally MISS the opportunity to offer understanding and compassion to others as they struggle to cleanse their bodies of the difficult burden of carrying unexpressed emotions.

We may not be able to ascertain what "tears" expressed in this manner are about, but we do know that they represent someone's attempt to clear out the emotional residue that is being harbored in their body in the best way they "know"  how.

And when we encounter someone using these creative (though challenging to us) ways of release we can choose to bring Love into the moment by recognizing their process and standing by while they work to clear their path so they can truly be in THE SUNSHINE OF THE MOMENT and leave behind the emotional toll they have been carrying that has weighed so heavily on their hearts. 

When our hearts understand the hearts of others we give an exquisite gift of love and caring to all humanity by helping people release the burdens they have been carrying and open to the grace and beauty surrounding them.


image from mirror.co.uk. 

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